Hot Mix : Red and Yellow

mustard blazer - JessJess, Nikolai dress - Velvet, red belt - vintage from Mom, red heels - IWearUp, floral crown - ViaDeLaRosa

".. all of them, all of this, we knew we would never see again. So we came to understand that small and important thing, that our lives could be large with interesting strangers who would pass us by without any personal involvement."  The Cat's Table by Michael Ondaatje

Been pretty much in love with this book and I'm only halfway reading it. I dog-eared almost all the pages it's sort of useless. I practically found amazing sentences or a paragraph that makes you think and makes you feel a little sad. Although it's a good kinda of sad. The kind of sad you knew you should feel, in order to be happy again. Another silly musing by my famous brain. Sometimes I pray to God I can switch off the part of brain that does too much thinking.

As for the outfit, I am completely head over heels with this dress. It has such a vintage print but the mix of primary colors make it feels more "today". I guess it's the haircut, but I feel like dressing up in a slightly modern way as opposed as my usual vintage dainty self. Couldn't help but to put on my floral crown tho.

Hopefully your weekend will be sweet.

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