Blind Spot

studded collar chiffon blouse - JessJess, hi-lo skirt - Liqueur, wedges - Bata, gold necklace - Topshop, maroon messenger bag - Hubsch

"Many people don't know that the human eye has a blind spot in its field of vision. There's a part of the world that we are literally blind to. The problem is, sometimes our blind spots shield us from things that really shouldn't be ignored. Sometimes, our blind spots keep our lives bright and shiny.
When it comes to our blind spots, maybe our brains aren't compensating. Maybe they're protecting us.." - Meredith from Grey's Anatomy.

If any, I am grateful we have a blind spot. There are things that we are not supposed to know, that would only do us too much damage. I'm actually content right now. Life has not been what I expected but I refused to be sad. Lately, it has been harder to do so though. But as I said before, sadness is easy because it means surrender. I say, open up your window and let the breezes wipe it away.

As for the outfit, I am so so happy with this chiffon blouse! It's super comfy, great fit, and the studded collar is my favorite part of all. Decided to pair it with my maroon mullet skirt for a chiffon over chiffon delight. 

Let's fight the Monday blues!

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  1. You always have such thought provoking quotes! This is a good one. The clearest vision to me is hindsight but it is only powerful in the future. Strange. Anyhow I really love your look today! This skirt is soooo pretty!

  2. i also love the studded collar shirt! you look great as always, Stevia! (:

    Putri Soe

  3. oh man, that quote was really deep and thank you so much for sharing it out!
    i'm loving your blog and personality too <3
    thank you so much for following mine loves,
    i'm a new follower for your blog too <3


  4. Aww j'adore :) I like the sweetness of this outfit but with the little studs on the collar it isn't overtly girlie.

  5. Awesome pictures, great post! I'm really impressed. That'a a good job lady :)

  6. Love the quote you started this post with, it's almost as wonderful as that chiffon blouse! I just bought a chiffon blouse and now you've given me oodles of ideas on how I want to style it!

  7. Stevia, you look really fantastic! I must say that I totally love your bag, akirt and shirt, oh I love your whole look :)
    xx Simona

  8. I love the color combo. I may be blindsided sometimes but I'm not stupid.

  9. awesome :)
    lovely blog.
    Following your blog. follower#598

    hope you will visit & follow my blog.
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  10. Really love the skirt!! Perfect match with the black top!!

  11. So true, so true. I'm perfectly content with having a blind spot for those reasons :)

    Gosh Stevia, I just adore this outfit. I love the hi-lo skirt with the long sleeve blouse. It makes it so perfect for the cooler weather. Beautiful photos as well!

    xo Marisa

  12. I love your top and skirt, they are just perfect for fall :)
    Brooke @ what2wear

  13. what a lovely post! Meridith's quote really got me thinking and I totally agree with you... Being sad is like surrendering =)

  14. that bag is perfection, seriously!


  15. Hi-low and studded collars - two very intriguing style in one outfit. You rock!
    Girlie Blog Seattle | Cheap Makeup Reviews

  16. Wow, such a pretty skirt!

  17. Love the Skirt ,you look soo beautiful! Great Pictures!
    follow new ,mind follow back please? :)

    Lovely Greetings xoxo

  18. What a lovely outfit! I love the collar and your hi-low skirt. I really wanted to get a hi-low skirt this year but I couldn't find any that were long enough for me. :(

    And thanks so much for the lovely comment on my blog! I'm so glad you enjoy it. <3


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