Eugene The Goat Cafe Bandung

Eugene The Goat is located far away from the hustle and bustle of Bandung city which is a nice change of pace in my opinion. Yes it does requires more effort to visit since it's quite far (Dago atas) but I think it's worth it. The road there is damaged so expect a bumpy ride and make sure you checked your car's brake. The cafe is located next to Clove Garden Hotel which looks nice but I didn't see much of the hotel itself.

The place is semi-outdoor and thanks God for Bandung's perfect weather which was not too hot or too cold that day. I wouldn't recommend to bring more than ten people here. Also, make sure you follow the weather forecast because rainy day can really ruin your food and drinks. It looks spacious but there aren't that much tables. No meals here, just croissants and bagels and obviously coffee (as well as iced chocolate for those who don't like coffee, I have been informed such people exist). 

Apologies for forgetting to snap a pic of their menu! Coffees are around 30-40k rupiah, croissants around 20-30k rupiah, and bagels (cheese, ham and cheese, and I can't remember one more) around 40-50k rupiah. Price wise I do think it's overpriced especially for the croissants and bagels. There weren't that good either. I guess you really buying the coffee (which was good) and the view.

Well, wishing everyone a lovely day.
By the way, who's watching X-Men Apocalypse this weekend? I know I will!

Iced mochacino with vanilla ice cream + cheese bagel + nutella banana croissant

The view is not too shabby. Check out this outfit on my previous post :)

Eugene The Goat
Jalan Raya II no. 2. Bandung. Indonesia
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