Madame Sisca Patisserie Bandung

Hi, guys!
Visited Madame Sisca Patisserie at Jalan Cendana a few weeks back. It was raining but there were lots of umbrellas waiting for us. I LOVE the interior. It's so classy, so elegant, but current and welcoming at the same time. I am very happy that this wasn't another coffee shop. LOL
We had a pleasant time there despite the rain. Service was good. I think they have a comprehensive menu that you can take anyone here be it your grandparents or your funky cousin. Place is spacious. The patisserie is so adorable with lots of flowers and pretty cakes. You can custom made your cake too.
Anyway, keeping this post short and sweet because I am having a bad case of flu and an awful headache. Wishing everyone a healthier weekend than me!

P.S. complete menu at the end of the post!

The patisserie.

 Nasi Goreng Bumbu Matah (38rb)

I forgot the name of the cake but this one is so good!

Monday - Thursday 10 AM to 10PM
Friday - Sunday 8 AM to 10PM
Jalan Cendana No. 16
022-20521677 or 0811229030


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