Team Cap

Captain America : Civil War was epic, you guys! If you haven't watched it already, well, what are you waiting for? The movie had so many superheroes that me, as a fangirl, was on the edge of my seat throughout the entire movie. 

I especially admire Black Panther costume, I thought he looks so badass, so cool, and just fierce! Ant-Man was as funny as he was in his own movie.  Spiderman . . . I'm still on the fence about him. . . I think I like him, but I'm not sure I love him. I do admit, him being a newbie in this Avengers thing was hilarious. Black Widow and Hawkeye fight scenes were super cute, I still feel weird with Black Widow & Hulk romance. I thought there were no chemistry at all . . . I'm a Clintasha shippers, you know. Iron Man was surprisingly deep in this movie. Which was a nice character development from his bad boy image. Also, loved the fact that we get to see more of Sharon Carter. Captain America looks dreamy as per usual. I actually thought about getting a ticket to Singapore just to see Chris Evans at the Marina Bay Sands premiere. You can say, I'm a hardcore #teamcap

Anyway, enough rambling.. Here in Indonesia we are having a super long weekend! So . . . yeay to hanging out with my loved ones and boo to the crazy traffic jam.

Well, wishing everyone a fun filled weekend!

leather jacket - Zara // Captain America T-shirt - from my boyfriend // denim skirt - H&M
triple tour bracelet - Balenciaga // watch - Daniel Wellington // tote bag - Prada // sneakers - Adidas


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