OFRA Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick Review

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Today I will be talking about this ah-mazing liquid lipstick that I have been using for pretty much every occasion be it just an everyday look or a fancy weekend vibe. As you can probably guess already, I'm talking about OFRA Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick. If you're not familiar with this brand, it's totally understandable because this brand is not exactly popular here in Indonesia. I don't think OFRA have a counter in Indonesia but it's really booming in United States. OFRA is an United States product so it has reliable quality control. 

They recently repackage their liquid lipstick and I do like this upgrade. It looks more sturdy, more expensive but there is no price increase. Oh, also, they give us more content! I'm not sure by how much but the new one is bigger. I noticed the new release ones have slightly better formulation. It says liquid but it's still on the creamy side so application is easy. Light color ones require at least two layers but for Atlantic City and Miami Fever, I'm usually good with just one layer. It's not drying but its completely matte altho it's not completely kiss-proof especially Atlantic City and Miami Fever. Those two feels like a regular lipstick altho it looks matte, but it still leaves lip mark on glasses. It is long lasting but I swore by Lime Crime in terms of the longest wear.

My favorite is Rio (I'm a sucker for anything coral/peach) but Miami Fever comes close. It was SO HARD to get Miami Fever. By the way, this shade is a collaboration with a make up you tuber Kathleen Lights (love her!) and they come up with two shades which is Miami Fever and Havana Nights. Havana Nights sold out as soon as it was restocked but I wasn't too interested with the deep red color anyway. I was actually really curious with Miami Fever and it turns out I love it!

Charmed shade is also a collaboration between OFRA and MannyMUA and they come up with three shade which is Charmed, Hypno (sort of like a plum color), and Aries (nude deep pink). I was going to get Aries but that one was sold out so I settled for Charmed which looks purplish on me. And I don't know, I kinda like it. Below are the color swatches on my lip!

Laguna Beach is this bubblegum pink color. I enjoy wearing this one because it's a fun shade.
Bel Air is a nude pink shade which I also like for everyday look. I wear this color A LOT.
Rio is the most adorable peach shade and I actually got a few compliments when I put this on.
Atlantic City is also a favorite especially for my mom. It's a true red when swatches but it comes almost like a deep red on me. My mom actually made me hand over my Atlantic City to her so I ended up purchasing another one.
Charmed is this pink color with purple undertone. I also like this but I'm not crazy about it. I would say it's the least used color among my OFRA collection.
Miami Fever is the most beautiful deep orange shade, it's almost a little brown but not too brown it's still have that orange color which will be gorgeous for fall.

For some reason Bel Air looks really washed out on above pic.
Altho I promise you it is a nude pink color in real life.

Anyway I purchased almost all of them at makeupuccino.com
I repurchased my Atlantic City at belanjamimo.com
Both web stores have quite a coherent shades so I do recommend to purchase from there. They have fast delivery service and safe packaging! And no, I'm not sponsored in any way, it's just those two stores are the ones I always check out first when I want to buy any make up product.

Well, wishing everyone a great week ahead!
Outfit photos on my next post this Wednesday :)


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