New In The Block

Hey there, dolls!
This is my very first color blocking so do be gentle on the comments ;)
I thought I try by playing it safe with orange, green, and purple (ignore the yellow heels) that have been seen a lot here in blogsphere. I told you I'm easily impressed..

Anyway, I'm not sure if nobody voted or the poll doesn't work, but there are only 4 votes on my last poll. It is a little sad. Yes? No? I guess I'll settle with Look 10... It does has 75% vote so far..
Will you make me happy and voted, please? <3

On another topic, I have a great news to tell and I am beyond excited. I am telling you, BEYOND. But I'll keep my mouth sealed until it is a done deal. Which it will be (if everything goes smoothly) by the second week of August. Okay now I have to study for my english course test.
It will be a reading and listening test today and speaking test on Thursday. I'm a little bit worried on speaking test as I am terrible in public speaking. I sttutter a lot.. Wish me luck!
I might have to wait until Friday to reply your lovely comments just so I don't feel guilty ;p

fish hairpin - stole it from my little sister, peacock necklace - gifted from a friend, cardigan - BTC, 
tanktop - Mango, skirt - Zara, heels - Bellagio

The hairpin is totally silly but it totally matches the whole color blocking thing! 
How can I resist?

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