Yellow Scallop Allowed Down Below

Is that tounge twisting enough for you? I guess not.. 
I am terrible at making title but I do try my best! :)

It has been forever since I last posted (well, 5 days actually, but it does feel like forever!). 
Life has been as lovely as ever it just that.. it gets busier somehow!
My aunties were staying at my house last weekend until Tuesday (so much fun with all those estrogen around me!). And then on Wednesday I had my usual weekly visit to my dad's waterpark. And bible study at night. On Thursday I had my english course class (I got 87 of 100 on my level test! Cool!). And then today just as busy. In the morning me and my sister went to run some errands. In the evening I accompanied my mom to see her OB. I did tho manage to take outfit pictures. And now.. I am finally able to breathe and just blogwalking to your lovely blogs!

I will be MIA again after this.. My mom, me, and my sister are planning to spend weekend in Jakarta :)
City time! I am pretty sure I will waste more money. I already spent so much these past few days. Someone please stop me! ;p

blue blazer - thrifted, yellow scalloped shorts - Queen Bee, heels - Charles&Keith

Check it out! I've been featured on a's Best of the Web, Style
 Such an honour really! <3

Oh. I also submitted this post to Spunky Chateau Thursdays are for Thrifters !
Check out her blog, lovely people!

Happy weekend!

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