Carpenter and Cook (Singapore) Review

I was so excited to finally try this cafe. I spotted it from a famous instragamers and it has been haunting me eversince. Hence, a few days ago, when I was in Singapore with a friend, I made a conscious effort to visit Carpenter and Cook. It's located at Lorong Kilat and we went there via taxi because there is no MRT station within a walking distance (the nearest is Clementi and you must take a bus from there) and we are practically blind in term of buses. I highly suggest to do the same if you're a tourist like me. From Lavender MRT station a taxi costs three of us each five Sing dollars.

The interior is ah-dorably vintage and every spot is a photo-worthy background. Which honestly, one of the reason I want to visit so bad (I'm shallow, whatever). It is mostly dominated with browns from all the wooden furniture but with a few accent from the light blue walls and cushions. I think they execute everything perfectly and even the walls have one of a kind decorations which can be tacky, I guess, but I don't mind at all because those kind of things are just up in my alley.

It's quite spacious and you can actually bring 10 friends here but I definitely won't recommend it because it can be rather crowded. We went there around 11 AM and the place was quite empty. Service is okay. The staff were friendly. Greeted us with a little smile when we walked in and also greeted us "have a good day" when we walked out. They also very informative in terms of their menus which is one of the key to a happy customer.

I ordered a Lemon Drizzle ($5) and a cup of cappuccino ($5. not pictured because we were all to excited to take photos first and foremost). My Lemon Drizzle was a chef's favorite and although all of the taste and the sweetness are hitting the right spot, it feels dry. But I do like the consistency, it doesn't crumble but soft enough. My friend ordered a quiche and I kind of regreted why I didn't order that since it tastes pretty much perfect. My cappuccino also tastes good. I love the thickness and the perfect rosela latte art. (Their special is Banoffee Pie which was sold out #tears)

So if you are one of those people who likes vintage home decor you should definitely come and actually buy their carefully curated vintage items here. I didn't check out the price but the items are all crazily cute.

Have a lovely weekend, loves.

Carpenter and Cook
Tuesday to Sunday || 10.00 - 22.00
19 Lorong Kilat #01-06, Singapore
Instagram @carpenterncook


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