Oui Oui Paris

The post that I have been waiting for! From Paris with bisous.
I usually post my travel pics randomly but for my Eurotrip, I decided to just post according to the natural timeline. Paris was towards the end of my 3 weeks holiday and I guess it's definitely perfectly designed so we all have something to look forward to during our long hours in mini bus.

The Eiffel Tower did not dissapoint and what used to be a sticker on my bedroom wall has become a reality. It stands tall with its own majesty and beauty, I cannot help but to feel super grateful. Eiffel Tower' beauty comes out at night with its twinkling lights. I do wish each of you who read this will experience Paris on your own someday.

Musee du Louvre!
I do wish I could've seen Monalisa hidden smile but alas the line was waaayy to long.

I mean, you just HAVE TO wear a beret in Paris.
Like, it's a mandatory...

red beret + coat - Twig House , shirt - vintage, floral skirt - c/o Persunmall
sling bag - Coach, red flats - Nine West

Our very first LV purchase ever!
My sister bought BB Alma in Damier while I got BB Alma in epi leather in a magenta-ish color. 

Tried to stay at Disney Hotel but the rate is way to pricey. I rather bought another LV!

leather jacket - Zara , tee & jeans - Alcott, bag - Longchamp,
 boots - Clarks, beanie - c/o Romwe

We failed to enter Disneyland Paris because we have to go back to Holland. But I make a vow to come back in the future. 

I hope you enjoy my travel diaries. I have another 2 or 3 posts left from my Eurotrip. And then I will continue with my travel pictures from Singapore which I promise won't exceed than 2 posts and after that, back to outfit posts :)


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