Alluring Amsterdam

I found a paragraph in John Green' The Fault In Our Star book that defines Amsterdam beautifully.

"Amsterdam is like the rings of a tree; it gets older as you get closer to the center"
It happened all at once : We exited the highway and there were the row houses of my imagination leaning precariously toward canals, ubiquitois bicycles, and coffeshops advertising LARGE SMOKING ROOM. We drove over a canal and from atop the bridge I could see dozens of houseboats moored along the water. It looked  nothing like America.
It looked like an old painting, but real--everything achingly idyllic in the morning light--and I thought about how wonderfully strange it would be to live in a place where almost everything had been built by the dead.

Picture above is me with blocks of cheese. I looove the pesto cheese. It's so yummy but I didn't buy one because my suitcase was on the brink of overweight thanks to the stroopwaffles (pic below, each is about 0.5 kilogram). This sweet treats is a must buy as it makes the perfect souvenirs for your friends and family and unisex, right? You can give it to your BFF or your boss. I bought six at Albert Heijn (some sort of Indomaret of Holland) and each is only 0.70 euros. Meanwhile at this store it costs almost 3 euros and it tastes pretty much the same. So stay away from the tourist traps and buy one at Albert Heijn.

Obviously, we visited The Red Light District out of curiosity ofcourse. We went there at noon with broad daylight because the area is pretty shady and dangerous at night. The girls are all dressed in bikini or lingerie so it's a lot like the beach but in the city. And you can actually pay them to do .. well... you know what they do! At day, the area seems harmless (minus the girls inside the glass boxes) and plenty of tourists around. Lots of them in the state of drunkness.

Next post will be my last post from my West Europe vacation!
Excited to start posting outfit pictures again (I have a bag I'm dying to reveal to you!) but also sad to some extent considering I'd say goodbye to my folders of photos I took during my travel...

Anyway, wishing you a fun weekend!

oversized blazer - Stradivarius, dress - Zara, necklace - Primark
flats - Nine West, sling bag - Longchamp


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