St. Tropez and St. Maxime

Lots of loves from Saint Tropez! It's an easy breezy seaside town with touches of luxe everywhere. When people asked which is my favorite place from my Eurotrip, it actually took me a while to realize that I like St. Tropez the best.
Mostly because everything is so laid back here. The weather is nice and another city with another vibe is fifteen minutes away via ferry. I also admire the fact that they cherish their history greatly. If you can (I'm not sure if a normal tour will scheduled Saint Tropez to their itinierary) you definitely must visit this place.

Everyone from every age participate on the march and it was a lovely sight. 
It's so nice to see people still have a high appreciation for the past.

From St. Tropez we took a ferry to cross to the sister city, St. Maxime.

I hope you enjoy the pictures.
Thank you for reading and let's face Monday bravely!

leather jacket - Zara, floral dress - Asos , watch - Michael Kors, 
sling bag - Coach , boots - Clarks, sunnies - Riots Barbie


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