The Potting Shed Bandung Review

Hi, guys!
It's been a while since I reviewed a restaurant in town, the last place I reviewed was Little Collins back in August last year. I took almost a seven months break and I didn't really tried out new cafes during those times. It's both admirable and kinda embarrassing. BUT here I am with a brand new restaurant review post from The Potting Shed Bandung. Let's get started!

The Potting Shed is located at The House Tour Hotel (which is a boutique hotel with one of a kind room selection) Jalan Panumbang Jaya No. 5, Bandung (Ciumbeleuit). It used to be Oliver, if you guys remembered, I also reviewed that place. The Potting Shed is the same company under Maja House. The location is not very strategic but it makes this place far from the noisy busy street which is crucial point for a hotel.

As you can see, the potting shed (glass house, in some way) above is not very big. There were four to five tables inside and most of them only accommodates two to three people per table. Hence, most of the people who came here sit inside where the hotel is, including me. Inside is definitely much cooler and I love their bar!

My husband ordered Nasi Goreng and I ordered Beef Teriyaki. His nasi goreng was pretty good while my beef teriyaki was terrible. My husband can make a thousand times better than that at home. I ended up not eating it and ordered another pizza which tastes pretty good. My suggestion, definitely don't order their beef teriyaki rice! Price wise, most of the items are under 50k rupiah so it wasn't so bad.

My green tea latte tastes really good, with a hint of vanilla while my husband' iced lemon tea was just good in general, nothing special.

Service was just okay. Our food come out rather long considering the place wasn't crowded (around 30 mins after finished ordering, pizza was also around 20 mins) and the servers were decent but not friendly in any way. Drinks come out after 15 mins.

I do love the whole chill lush vibe this place has. Can't seem to remember their playlist, I think it's mostly Top 40 but it was enjoyable to just sit and drink there. Not sure if you sit inside the glass house tho, as I'm sure it can get pretty hot during day time. It might be a good idea to wait until after 4 PM to sit in there.
When we went there the place was quite full. It wasn't crowded and there were three empty tables when we sit but it soon filled up.

Overall, I do recommend this place for a cup of coffee and conversations with friends but definitely not for a full meal.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this post and the menu is below. I seem to missed a page tho, and it's the page where the nasi goreng and beef teriyaki is, so.. I'm sorry about that. But you can see the pricing averages below.


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