March Favorites

Hi, guys! Can't believe it's April already. I feel like the first three months gone by just like that. But anyway, here we are with another favorites post. Without further ado, here are a few things that I have  been loving in the month of March.

First up is this Beauty Bakery "Flour" setting powder in translucent. Now, I am still a devoted fan of Coty Airspun, I mean with it's price (less than $6 for 58 gram) you just can't beat this one. But this Flour powder is amazing! I ran out of my Coty Airspun and I know I would never finish my Flour unless I use it now. After wearing this exclusively for a month, I can honestly say this powder doesn't set into my smile line which is a huge deal since the Coty Airspun always sets into my smile line if I don't moisturize properly. 
It also holds my T-Zone oil free much better than the Coty Airspun. There's no flash back whatsoever and it really gives your skin a flawless look. The powder is very finely milled so that's probably why it doesn't set into any lines. The only downside is the awful packaging and the price. For $24 and 14 gram of product, it doesn't really fit the bill. I only bought this one because everyone was raving about it and I really want to give it try. Glad it lives up to the hype!

Second is another powder but this one is an oldie but goodie. MAC Studio Fix Powder is legendary so I won't elaborate too much. My family have been going out for dinner almost every weekend and I want to look good but it's just a quick dinner so I don't want to go full make up either so I kinda do my natural look make up. 
I usually use foundation and concealer and then setting powder but this MAC Studio Fix Powder does all three in one so my usual 30 minutes make up regime is now down to 15 minutes. I also don't use any eyeshadow, just eyeliner and plenty of mascara. And then bronzer followed by blush on. Setting spray and I'm done! I love the fact that this MAC gives so much coverage although it can look cakey if you apply too many layers. I'm usually good with just two layers. This powder is pricy though so I don't wear it that often.

I know this product is no longer in production but this XO, Victoria roll on perfume is still really good and still in rotation whenever the flowers starts blooming. It's a very pretty and very girly scent. The scent is not too strong and not too light, just perfect for me. It's kinda how I picture how spring would smell like. For some reason it doesn't lasts that long on me but I can always re-aply since it's so easy to throw in to your purse. I ran out all of my VS roller perfume so I'm in the market to purchase one! Do you have a favorite scent from VS? Do share!

Pearl hair barrettes are everywhere and they are definitely a favorite this month! Read all about this trend by clicking here

So it turns out this book is old (2004) and I thought this was new since the book store put it under the New Releases section. But anyway, gotta love Dan Brown. Always such a page turner. He really knows how to keep you on your toes. Now I do miss Prof. Langdon but to read from a girl' perspective wasn't bad although I feel like Dan Brown should stick to man protagonist since I think he shines at that!
There's a huge plot twist as always and I have to say I wasn't surprised about who's the bad guy but definitely surprised about how the Digital Fortress unfolds. If you like Dan Brown' previous works, you might like this one.

Guys, Captain Marvel was actually pretty good! I had no idea why people hate the movie. Yes, I do not like the idea of characters that we have loved and adored for 10 years to be set aside so Captain Marvel can defeat Thanos; but like, we had no idea how Captain Marvel is going to play that role in the Endgame so let's just support a sister, shall we?
Also, all these hate on Brie Larson saying she's conceited and aloof in interviews etc. I mean, girl has every right to be a little proud of her accomplishment and she's done like 100 interviews a day, she's an introvert, it's normal for her to be a little off when her energy is drained after meeting so many people. As a fellow introvert, I feel for her.

Last but surely not least is Shadowhunters. Netflix recommended the show and I mean, that guy has not been wrong before so I watched. The first season was slightly rough and kinda where the show set its footing but Season 2 and now Season 3 has been SO GOOD! Basically it's a series where Shadowhunters, a species of man with Angel blood hunts and kill monsters. If you like ahem, Twilight, definitely watch this!

Thank you so much for reading and wishing you a great April!


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