Pearl Hair Barrette Trend

Hi, guys!
Apologies for missing so many days. I have been sick with a cold and cough. There was a full day where I had a fever but I am definitely feeling better. Anyway, this time I want to talk about this spring trend that I have been loving; pearl hair barrette. I mean, barrette, clips, snaps, bendy clip, whatever you guys call it. 

While a hair barrette is nothing new, this trend is nothing like your original butterfly clip. It's shiny white pearls lends an elegant grown-up feels. You can say, it's more like a jewellery for our hair. 
The fact that is perfect for every type of hair either it be long luscious locks or a chic bob; blonde or black; only adds the appeal of this hair trend. Basically, everyone can wear it! It's an easy way to add any interest to your outfit and in a very easy way to. You literally just slide them to your hair. Now this is the trend I can get behind with.

I have had fun collecting a few and adding them to my outfit as a finishing touch. While most of the clips I have here is bought by friend when she went to Bangkok, you can buy plenty online! Here's a Tokopedia link where I bought my square ones. It's way cheaper than the ones you see on your IG ads.

How do you feel about this pearl hair barrette trend? Is it something you would wear?


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