Dots Board Game Cafe Bandung Review

Hi, guys!
It has been a month since my last restaurant review so let's get started with another one! This Dots Board Game Cafe is quite new, I believe they open towards the end of 2018 so it's been around six months since they opened. Their concept is interesting; a cafe where you can play board games; I don't think the idea is new tho, I've heard it before but never actually visited one so it was quite exciting.
First time; my husband and I went there on a national holiday which was a Wednesday and the place was full so we decided to just try it another day. We did tried it out on a Thursday during lunch time and the place was empty. You can definitely book on weekdays but Dots Board Game Cafe only accept walk-ins on weekends. They close on Tuesdays too.

The cafe has two floors; there's only two tables on the first floor with cashier and the board games while on the second floor, there are plenty more tables but it's tatami style aka you sit on the floor. I don't mind sitting on the floor but I was wearing an overall dress that day so we chose to sit on the first floor.

The interior is . . .  I would say cozy and minimalistic; kinda Scandinavian vibe type of furnitures. Lots of white and woods. I personally don't hate it; thank God industrial theme is not as popular as it was anymore. The whole vibe is welcoming and the playlist is soothing. I'd say the place gets 8.5 out of 10 ratings from me.

Second floor.
My husband ordered Spaghetti Aglio Olio (Rp 27k) and I ordered Karaage Curry Bowl (Rp 35k). We also ordered Ice Peach Tea (Rp 24k). Drinks came out pretty fast, about 10 mins while food came out on the 20 mins mark which was weird since the place was empty. I would expect around 15 mins for food. If the place was full, expect around 40 mins for your food.

Aglio Olio Rp 27k
Karaage Curry Rice Rp 35k

But thankfully the food wasn't disappointing. It wasn't ground breaking in any way but it was worth the affordable price. Portion is definitely on the small side but not ridiculously small, I still feel full. My husband maybe not so much.  My curry tastes good but it was watery and I like my curry to be thick. Overall, food and drinks gets 7.5 out of 10 ratings from me. 

And now on to the games. To play the games, you need to pay Rp 30k per person (and get stamped) which I'd say a bit expensive but after seeing the choices of the games and the fact you can play all day; it's not bad. I guess that's why they make the food prices affordable. For the prices of drinks, it's pretty standard, in my opinion.

The choices for which game you play is extensive and it's like games I've never heard before. I also googled some of the board game prices and most of them ranges from Rp 500k to Rp 1000k so I'd say to pay 30k per person really isn't bad comparing to the fact if you must buy them. You would be forced to buy the game if you break them tho, so be mindful when playing the games.

There are few categories you can choose, there are easy games, party fun games (I assume this one involves a lot players), medium games, and difficult games. If you don't know how to play the board games worry not, there are Game Masters that will walk you through the games. Our Game Master was quite nice and didn't mansplain, just normal explaining which I appreciate.

My husband and I played three games and I loved all three! The Sushi Jenga was quite fun actually, I forgot how much fun that simple game can be. The detective game is quite fun albeit a little tricky but after a few rounds I kinda get it. The treasure hunt game is the most fun in my opinion. Instead of one big goal like catching the bad guy; you get plenty small goals of collecting treasures and one big goal to come back to your start position. 

We were there for almost three hours and all in all we both enjoyed our time there and I would definitely recommend you to try and visit altho maybe don't order main dish. Just eat somewhere else (Paskal 23 has plenty of options and it's just next door) and ordered a snack with drinks. 

Dots Board Game
Ruko Paskal Hyper Square blok F41-F42, Bandung. 
For reservations, call 0813-2167-0590
Close every Tuesdays. Open from 11AM to 11PM

Below is Dots Board Game Cafe menu.


  1. Love the idea of this cafe! And the food looks good too.

    Effortlessly Sophisticated

  2. Wish someone would have this idea in my province


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