Museum Angkut Batu

Hi, guys!
First off, I want to apologize for the amount of my face you're about to see in this post. Other than that, let's get started. Museum Angkut Batu (Transportation Museum) is located at East Java, about 10 hours drive from my hometown, Bandung. We booked our ticket via Traveloka for Rp 97.000/person or around US$ 7. It is a little bit cheaper than buying on the spot. You also need to pay extra fee if you bring camera other than your phone. Which sucks but then again, I would probably never comeback again so why not.

We went there on a Monday (during school holiday) around 3PM and had some snacks at their foodcourt so we went in around 3.30PM. There were a line to get in because you need to get your bag checked (no drinks or outdoor food) and then you need to scan your ticket as well but the line was pretty fast moving. Maybe about 5 minutes until we managed to get inside. 

This place displays (duh) transportation vehicles and they divide it mostly by country. Chinatown, New York USA, Roma Italy, Berlin Germany, London UK, etc. There is also a special Hollywood section where you can see famous cars. Obviously it's not the real ones use to film said movie, it's merely a replica but it's still pretty darn close. My fave would have to be the Scooby Doo van.
Every cars and carts and basically anything with wheels were all in tip toe shape. Everything was super smooth and super shiny. Their decorations were also top notch (as witnessed by New York area). There were also parades of vintage cars that somehow ended up as an afternoon rave completed with DJ and foaming bubbles. Toilets were well kept considering the crowd. All the staff were friendly and even offered to take photo of us in a few spots. 

Fast and Furios cars

Museum Angkut is about 75% outdoors so make sure to check the weather before purchasing a ticket. We were blessed with the perfect weather and cool breeze that felt very refreshing. It was also a lot of walking so be sure to wear comfy shoes. There were a few vending machines providing drinks but definitely no food. There were also some VR spots; but there were quite a line and we want to make sure we finished before dark. We actually missed the Airport area but I don't think we missed out a lot. Overall, we had a good time and would definitely recommend! Make sure to come with an empty memory card and a full battery for your camera and your phone tho.

Anyway, hope this post help and wishing everyone a great weekend ahead!


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