Bucket Hat Trend

Hi, guys!
Bucket hat is one of those trend that I wasn't sure going to be picked up by the fashion community but through resilience, it is finally one of the it hat for the trendy people.
At first sight, bucket hat seems to be a difficult item to pull off since the fishing dad' vibe is strong and it cuts off my already round face but I learned the trick is to pull back the hat just a little bit.

I created two outfits with plain bucket hats since I feel the plain ones are the easiest to style. While I do love the black bucket hat outfit, it can look a bit odd and too much of a fisherman, hence the red skirt to give a pop of color.

You might have better luck with a more colorful bucket hat and a matching top since it looks more deliberate and hence more a la mode. While I do like both looks, I feel bucket hat is not for everyone. It does give that cool streetwear credit to your outfit and while it looks real cute for a vacation, it's not a hat someone would wear on a daily basis.

Which outfit do you like better? Would you ever try this bucket hat trend?


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