Jatim Park 2 Review : Batu Secret Zoo, Museum Satwa, & Eco Green Park

Hi, guys!
Again, this post contains A LOT of photos and it's longer than my usual post, so get comfy. We went to Jatim Park 2 on a Tuesday during school holiday and the place was crowded. We got there around 10 AM and spent about five hours inside. Jatim Park 2 consists of Batu Secret Zoo, Eco Green Park, Museum Satwa, Fantasy Land, and Adventure Land. And that is us just breezing through everything. If you want to soak in each place, you will need all day. Jatim Park 2 opens from 10 AM to 6 PM while Eco Green Park closes at 4 PM. We got our tickets at Traveloka but you can also buy one on the spot.

Batu Secret Zoo was impressive and for the ticket price (Rp 85.000 for weekday and Rp 120.000 for weekend) it was well worth it. All the animals look happy and mostly active during our visit. The variety of animals was extensive and the place was huge. Everything was clean and well kept. My only complain was the minimal options of food provided inside.

There's some sort of aquaplay area with kiddie pool. You can play with waters but you can't exactly do laps exercise. Definitely bring a change of clothes if you want to take your kids to play here. We just walked by and didn't really pay attention to the changing area etc. But I'm sure there's one nearby.

Adventure Land and Fantasy Land were basically a mini theme park with rides. This octopus ride looks pretty intense but there's also a small roller coaster and a haunted house. Your teenager kids will most likely spend a lot of time here. There's also a few stalls where you can shoot arrows and ducks and to get your prizes. We tried a few and obviously failed all.

Museum Satwa was cool, BUT it was spooky. I really can't imagine anyone who would enjoy this museum. Well, maybe if you're like Steve Irwin' level of love for animals, you might actually enjoy this place. The lighting was very dim, the animals were very lifelike (pretty sure it's a stuffed dead animal), and the music was eerie. At one point I did feel like I was in a Night at the Museum scene. The only perk is the cool cool air conditioned room. Oh, and the free wi-fi too.

So to get to Eco Green Park, you need a car or you can use the shuttle provided. We checked the shuttle and we did saw we need to wait for 15 mins and the the car was one of those no windows cars and it was really hot so we decided to just use our own car.

Full disclosure, I wouldn't recommend Eco Green Park since it's just birds. I mean, if you're like super passionate about going green, then this place might be interesting for you. You can also feed sheep and cows so family with small children might enjoy going here. The only reason I went there was to see penguins. Personally, I would recommend to just visit Batu Secret Zoo. Fantasy and Adventure Land were actually quite fun, especially for family with teenagers. Museum Satwa would also be a pass for me but it was pretty cool.

Anyway, I hope this post is helpful even in the smallest way. Jatim Park 2 is mostly outdoors so be sure to check the weather. For Batu Secret Zoo, I would highly recommend to rent the E-bike. Especially if you're traveling with children or even anyone who can't walk too much. Bring hats, use sunscreen, and wear comfy shoes. 


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