June Favorites

Hi, guys!
I'm sorry for the delay in a favorite post but without further ado, here are a few of my favorite things in this month of June.

Gingham is definitely a favorite this month. I love the cute pattern that just screams spring and summer. I had a black and white one but this pink one is for sure on heavy rotation this month. Including the headband.

Headband is another thing that is on heavy rotation this month. I had about ten headbands and try my best to rotate them but the one I wore the most is definitely the white one and the pink gingham one. I find my new shorter hairdo requires more accessories to keep it fun and less stiff since my hair cut does give a mature office vibe.

I loooove this 3CE Stylenanda lipstick in #223 or mauve. I find this shade to be the perfect pink. Not like my lip but better shade, but a real good vibrant pink that's not on your face. It's also very easy to apply with one layer you'll have a full color and coverage.  It does not bleed and it stays a good amount of time too! I'm actually in the market to get another shade since I had such a good use of this one.

I got eyelash extension pretty recently (which also a favorite this month) and since eyelash extension would last better with matte items, I've reached for this Tarte Shape Tape palette all the time since it has all matte eyeshadows. And since it has contour shade as well, it kinda my go to lately since I don't have to grab another palette.

My mom passed down this ring to me a few years ago. I believe it was a while after I graduated uni. I never really wear it before but this month I have been wearing it every time I go out. I guess I love the simple and yet kinda vintage design to it. I also have a weak spot for diamond if that's not obvious yet. 

Guys, we have been married for officially two years! It's kinda crazy since it doesn't feel like two years at all. Marriage is fun, you guys. I mean, once you understand each other's vibe and routine, it gets pretty fun. We had a nice fancy dinner to celebrate and my husband got me this glowing roses bouquet which I love!

So I love all Toy Stories series and I do have high expectation but this movie did not disappoint! OMG I cried a few times especially the end tho. The Bensons creeped me out for sure but other than that I loved every minute. I also admire Woody' character development. I mean if you remember how much he loved Andy to now, it's truly admiring. Definitely a ten out of ten for me.

Guys, Red Velvet' new song Zimzalabim is everything! It's sort of a three songs jammed into one. Definitely has that SNSD' I Got A Boy vibe. Red Velvet is known for their out of the box and quirky yet cute style, both on music and fashion. Those unique factors are what make me fall in love with this group. Their voice and visual are also on point. I just love their entire The Reve Festival album especially their side B track Sunny Side Up, a must listen.

And that's pretty much it for June Faves. Wishing everyone a great week ahead!


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