Gingham Style

Hi, guys!
If you get the title reference from Gangnam Style; hi there, fellow K-Popers. Anyway, gingham is definitely a popular print this summer. Thanks to Dorothy from Wizard of Oz, it has been on our radar for quite some time. It was a huge hit last year and you still see it in every store this year too. I'm not complaining since I do find gingham prints to be both cute and casual yet still very chic and on trend. Here are two cute summer looks with this classic prints.

First look, which is also my favorite out of the two, I just paired the pink gingham top with a buttoned up denim skirt. Very classic yet still looks current. Headband is also very 2019, so if you're not ready to jump in to a full outfit of gingham, headband is a good place to start!

I completed the look with a takeout box bag in the same color and a white slip-ons because you just can't go wrong with a white slip-ons. Added a white belt to tied the whole look together. A bright pink lip will liven up the face even more.

For look two, I prioritized comfort and practicality since we had a full day at a theme park. And yes, I did bought this top at the same place so it is basically the same fabric just different style. That's just how much I love this color and this print. 
I paired this top with a long shorts I got from Uniqlo a few years back and I gotta say, I wear this shorts A LOT. Like, literally wash dry wear them again; since it's not only very breezy, it still gives coverage for most of your tights. 

Between these two looks, even though the first look is my favorite, but in reality, I wear look two a few times since I took this pics; because it's more practical and gurl, this shorts have really deep pockets! Hallelujah! I can get away not bringing any bag with this shorts.
But anyway, unlike animal prints that can be daunting, gingham prints is very easy and very friendly to wear. So be sure to grab some gingham printed item this summer!

Wishing everyone a great weekend :)

Look number two is actually on my Summer Lookbook. I worked hard to shoot and edit this video so do please give it a view and a thumbs up. I would really appreciate it :)


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