Wedding Anniversary

Hi, guys!
My wedding anniversary is coming soon and I can't believe it's been two years! Time just flies when you're having fun. But anyway, I thought this anniversary also comes with the perfect opportunity to share a few shots from the big day. It was a truly memorable day and I guess I have been very selfish about not sharing since that day was just so precious to me that I don't want to share it! Silly me.

We got about a year to prep for everything but it was still a stressful time especially about a month before the date. There were a million things that you need to decide and not to mention you need to send out the invitation. With our invites, I wanted something simple, flowery, and yet elegant. My husband actually designed the invitation himself! He's quite the jack of all trades. 

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For the dinner reception, I was for sure want to wear a tiara because I know I won't have any other chance to wear it without getting side eye, so there I was in a tiara. If you're wearing a ball gown dress, then for sure tiara will look perfect but I saw other ladies in a mermaid gown and still rocked their tiara. Because who doesn't want to feel like a princess, right? More options about beautiful tiara at AW Bridal®.

Robes is a bride-to-be best friend especially for the make-up session. I also make sure I got my bridesmaid robes (with initial embroidery on it to make it personal) since I want them to feel comfortable too. I personally love this photo very much since two of my friends are now living out of town so this pic def gives me all the feels.
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For my bridesmaids, I choose a soft lilac color because I believe lilac looks good in any skin tone. All of those three dresses were made-by-order (also by a dear friend of mine) and my designer friend actually sketched out two options for each bridesmaid and they can choose which style they like better. Ready to purchase dresses are definitely just as good and you can find more designs at AW Bridal Bridesmaid Dresses.

With so many aspects to decide on your wedding day, I think it's important to do your research before deciding anything, there's where things like aw bridal Review  comes in handy. You can get insights from other bride-to-be.

Anyway, thank you for walking down the memory lane with me. While the physical items like decorations, invitations, dresses, cake, shoes, definitely helps in making that day but it truly was the people who was there that truly make the day unforgettable. 


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