May Favorites

Hi, guys!
I do want to apologize for posting a favorite post very late. I usually post favorite's on the first week but work have been intense so obviously blogging takes a back seat, but without further ado, here are a few of my favorite things in the month of May.

First up are these ColourPop x Disney Princess Designer lux lipsticks. I never tried their lux lipstick and heard so many good things about them, hence I was definitely curious. I intended to ordered the one pack lip kit consisted of all six shades of the Disney Princesses but I couldn't find it online so I bought five of them separately. I leave out Tiana because I don't really wear dark red lip color, I look like a vampire with my yellow-pale complexion.
Okay, first off, the real reason I bought these is obviously because I'm a Disney kid at heart and the designs look beautiful. I love the "designer" concept instead of just the original look, which really just seal the deal. The packaging is A+, I have zero complaints. The case feels very sturdy, not flimsy at all. And the formula is also really live up to the hype. I owned several ColourPop lippies, and I love their matte formulas but their creamy formula always bleeds on me, even after using lip liner. To my surprise, this lux formula doesn't bleed, not drying, and doesn't fill in the lines on my lips. Definitely worth trying considering the price. 
My favorite shade is, to my own surprise, Jasmine. I thought it would be too crazy but on me somehow it's not as bold and look really flattering and liven up my face. My least favorite would have to be Cinderella. Not because it's bad, it's just the pink is look off on me. I don't know.. I mean, lip colors look different on everyone!

I always gravitate towards Light Blue when the weather gets hotter just because it feels fresh and lord knows, I need to smell fresh in the summer. It has a clean feeling as well so it's great for work, nothing too confusing. I think the silage is not bad but the longevity is def awful on me (about 2 hours ish) so I usually spray more on my clothes and those I could definitely still smell it even 8 hours later. 

I think this bag needs no introduction. I know I wear a lot of colorful outfits in this blog but honestly, on a day to day basis, I wear a lot of white and black and denim so I almost always use a black bag and this Balenciaga city edge has been on heavy rotation this month. This is their small size and it's honestly the perfect running errand and going out bag because it's truly is the perfect size. I personally love the shine from the gold hardware; really elevates a boring outfit. And when you wear a big gold watch with like thin gold rings and red shiny nails on a black and white outfit PLUS this bag; it's just perfection.

Mi Band 3 is not a new thing if you love gadgets but I only recently bought it because I updated my Mi Band 2 and holy crap the update basically ruined my perfectly good watch so I just have to get the new version. I love wearing Mi Band for exercising because it monitors my heart rate and my acupuncturist told me to really monitor my heart rate during exercising, making sure it doesn't exceeds 150bpm so I don't get headaches (and it really works!). Other thing that made me love this watch is because you can read your phone notifications. Mi Band 2 did give you notifications from your phone, but it just told you if it's a call or a text or others so that was a really good improvement. Also, it logs all your exercises to your phone so you can really see if you've been slacking off. Overall, I have been really enjoying this watch, and it's like very affordable; only $25.

I have been really bad in reading these past three months BUT I managed to finished this book just a day before June 1st (I started reading this in April, haha). I got this book for only $5 at a book fair (which is a really good deal considering it's a hard cover) that I visited in March. Now I had no idea who Becca Stevens was but I read up on her and I am definitely inspired by the work she's doing with Thistle Farm. 
This book is mostly about real people with their real stories so there's really no explosions or twist and turns here. It is filled with beautiful photographies, lovely poems, and Godly wisdom. Granted it is a very Christian book but I think people outside of the religion will also enjoy this book since it's also about self-healing and forgiving. Something we can always learn again and again. 
Love Heals by Becca Stevens is filled with encouragement and hope so if you happen to stumble upon this book, definitely purchase it. You will not regret it.

Also a favorite, I love the fact that I uploaded two videos on my youtube chanel in a month. One is a Pangandaran vlog and the other one is a Summer Lookbook. I personally love my Summer Lookbook but the Pangandaran vlog do get lots of love so please watch both of them :) 

Okay, let's get to a lighter more fun part. The Big Bang Theory TV show has been a huge part of my life since I randomly chanced upon it on my own tv seven years ago. The show was well in Season 5 and I loved it so much I binged watch the 4 seasons in two weeks, I think. It's obviously funny but it also have heart and it can be so endearing and I get so attached to all the characters, yup, even Stuart. The show now ended at Season 12 and holy moly the season finale was SO GOOD.
First of all, Sheldon finally get his nobel prize which is basically his life goal. 
Second, Penny is pregnant and she's actually happy about it! She didn't want kids before. And then Sheldon said Leonard' iconic line in Season 1 "their baby will be both beautiful and smart". It really came full circle.
Third, the elevator is FINALLY fixed! I would be angry if they didn't use this chance to fix the elevator tho. There's literally no better time to fix the elevator. It truly gives the feeling that this show has offered all its got and it's as good as it's gonna get for all the characters (well maybe except for poor Raj).
Fourth, Sheldon' speech at the nobel ceremony was so genuine and touching, I cried my eyes out. He really is the heart of the show and has had the most growth amongst all the characters.
Fifth, we got to see Howard' and Bernie's kids! I didn't think that was so special but then I realized we NEVER see them at all. Not even in the hospital so that was a nice surprise. They both really cute!
Thank you to all the writers, producers, and the characters; you guys truly go out with a bang.

Last but surely not the least is Aladdin live action movie. I love the upgrade they did on Jasmine. She's already a bad ass in the movie but they actually give her real ambition and made her Sultan which I think, is freaking awesome. I also enjoy the new characters, Hakim and Jasmine' hand maiden, Dalia, really adds more complexity to Jasmine' character. 
As for Aladdin, he's pretty much the same as in the cartoon 1992 version but I do love how they make him more clumsy, but you know, in a charming kinda way.
Jafar was not so great. I mean, I love that they give him more backstory but I am not a fan about how handsome he is. Jafar supposed to be old, tall, intimidating, and scary. And I didn't get any of those from this version of Jafar.
I really wasn't sure about the casting on the Genie but Will Smith really did his job beautifully! He successfully shows a new version of Genie and not haunted by Robin Williams version. 
The story itself is very similar to the 92 version and I ain't mad about it. The visuals were really beautiful altho the A Whole New World scene could be more grand, in my opinion.
Other than that, it's an enjoyable movie; even my husband love it.

And that is the end of this post. Have a great week ahead, everyone.


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