Merry Christmas 2019

Hi, guys!
I know you all must be busy with family or friends to celebrate Christmas so this post will be short and sweet.

If you are celebrating with family and happiness; good for you! Enjoy these joyful moments.
If you are feeling down or miss your departed loved ones, don't brush it off. Embrace the sadness, it's the bravest thing you can do. It is important not to dwell in sadness though. So if you can find a sliver of joy; like you finally got the present you wanted, embrace that too. 
If you choose to spend this holiday alone; what a great thing to do! I find solitude is a good friend. But do reach out whenever you're feeling lonely. I'm sure plenty of your close ones would love to have your presence.

All in all, no matter how we spend this Christmas day, remember that our savior was born today. Be sure to thank Him and wish Him a happy birthday.

Enjoy your holiday, friends. And have a blessed merry Christmas.


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