This Is Me Wisata Selfie Bandung

Hi, guys!
Went to This Is Me Wisata Selfie Bandung located at Jalan Cihampleas last week. Wisata Selfie = Selfie Tourism; seems to be on the rise these days thanks to social media. Basically is one building consists of backdrops for you to take pics. We went there on a Friday afternoon (around 1PM) so the place was basically empty. 
Ticket was Rp 35.000 per person (around US$2.5) and as you can see from the map there are about a dozen spots you can take pics in. It opened at the end of 2018. I went in with very low expectations since I read their google review but still very curious about this place.
First of all, I want to apologize for the amount of my face you're about to see in this post.

So the Pink Hotel wasn't bad. It's a bit too forced, IMHO. There's just too much pink in there for me. But then again, it suits the title very much. Some props were already had chipped paint but you can't really see it in photos anyway.

Oh My Gummy area was actually quite impressive. There's a lot of expensive props here and they're in a relatively good condition.

Gotta say, Sunday Mart is one of my favorite. Right after the Flamingo Beach area. You can never really take pics in a real supermarket since most supermarkets would forbid it. I think this idea is a cute one.

Gym Time area wasn't bad. I do really wish there's a basket on that pole tho.

 Here we are at my favorite area - Flamingo Beach. There's real sand and it was REALLY HOT  but thankfully there were some area with shades so we managed to get decent summery pics.

This backdrop is hands down my favorite. The color combo is beautiful and it looks about 50% real. Unlike other stuff, who just hit about 25% realness.

Overall I did had a good time since the place was empty. I don't think it would be as easy to take clean pics if I went there on a weekend. I did went in with a very low expectations so I guess that's why I was able to enjoy myself. The props wasn't bad in any way, it's just; like I said, doesn't look real. They look semi-fine in pics but if you see it for yourself, it's just not great.

Also, it was hot and the air was suffocating me a bit. The usual problem with large space with minimum air conditioning. There's actually a little bar at Flamingo Beach where you can buy cold drinks. With the ticket price tho, I really can't complain. They sell a place to take pics in, and they serve just that. With plenty of options actually.
I would definitely recommend this place if you love pink and taking pics but if you hate those two things, then for sure avoid this place at all cost. LOL.

Anyway, thank you so much for reading and wishing everyone a great weekend ahead!


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