The Pop Up Bandung

Hi, guys!
Went to The Pop Up Bandung located at Jalan Sukajadi (next to Thai Odyssesy) last weekend. The Pop Up Bandung is a multi brand concept store that carries local brands as well as a restaurant together with FatBox.Id. We went there on a Friday around 5PM so the place was rather empty.

Brands that are carried here are White Collar Concept, Posh Inc, FITBIT, Soletopia, By Miss M, Good Moments, Miss Pretaporter, The Curvakum, Third Day, Lima The Label, Maven, Foodstuff, Oxford Society, CH Pottery, Gazelle, Hannah Attelier, Tutu Nail, Madison Inc, SASC Official, and Lune Skin.
I am familiar with White Collar Concept, Soletopia, Maven, and SASC Official. So those are brands that I have purchased before via online and it was nice to see in person the selections of said brands in the store. Obviously, not all of their items are available in the store. Mostly it's last season products not exactly the newest items. But you can still see the items and touch them to kinda get the idea of the quality of said brands as well as trying out their sizing which really is important.

I do feel like the brands are enough of variety and the displays are actually pretty cool; very millennial with all the pinks. There are two fitting rooms and I feel like that is enough considering no one was really shopping. The space of the store itself does feel a bit small; but that's just me, I guess. They did make it up with spacious dining area indoor and outdoor. I didn't purchased anything tho so I can't say anything about the service of the store.

Upon entry there's a bar area where you can order your food/drinks. The menu is on the screen and you need to pay first. Then you get that round alarm thing that goes on when your food is ready and then you go back in to pick your food. 
I love the printed ceramics; really give me some tropical Bali vibes.

The outdoor area at the back for me is the highlight of the restaurant. There are three functional swings and if you have kids or little nephew/niece; they would have love it. Also, the printed ceramics continue more at the back with colorful  tables and chairs. You can definitely bring groups here but maybe not more than ten to twelve people. 
The lights will be turned on once the day gets dark and it was actually prettier at night altho photo taking might get difficult with the darkness. I do love the color scheme, obviously, and I thought the use of the printed ceramics was very smart.

We ordered Giant Bala (basically fried veggies) 5 Pcs (25k) and Pink Lemonade (19k) as well as Brown Sugar Coffee (22k). Drinks come out fast enough and they both tastes good. The food seems like it took forever tho, I'd say it was about 20 minutes and considering the place was empty, and it was such an easy food, I'm really concern with the service. But, all the waiters were amicable and pleasant so I guess if the kitchen can speed up their cooking, it'd be great. Thankfully, Giant Bala tastes pretty good and it was big enough for the price.
I would really like to try their rice menu sometime tho since I heard good things about FatBox.Id. Below are their menu and pricing.

Overall I had a really nice time there and would definitely recommend. Parking is not bad but not exactly spacious either. We had no problem parking but we did went there before the dinner rush hour. We left around 6PM and sure enough parking was full.

The Pop Up Bandung.
Sukajadi 199, Bandung
Open everyday from 8AM to 10PM
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