Skema Coffe Archetype Bandung Review

Hi, guys!
It's been a hot minute since I did any restaurant review and altho this place is technically a coffee shop, Skema Coffee Archetype located at my hometown Bandung is quite the it place these days. I mean, as proven by the full house pictured above. We went there on a Saturday afternoon so I guess the full house was given. 

Skema Coffe Archetype is located at Jalan Belitung No. 2B; near Taman Lalu Lintas. They open everyday from 2PM to 11PM. The place is almost exclusively an outdoor cafe so if it rains, the party's over. I also don't appreciate that since it's an outdoor, basically all of it is officially one big smoking area. My lungs and hair did NOT love that.
The whole decoration is kinda like an abandoned yard turned functional with pretty and tall pampas grass. And to be perfectly honest, those pampas grass were the first thing that attracts me to visit. There's no air con whatsoever obviously. And I know I'm being totally subjective here but the place gets a 5 out of 10. It's a cool place to take pics but that's pretty much the upside. I do wish there were at least a small indoor area with air con that is smoke free.

The menu doesn't have anything other than drinks so if you're feeling peckish, better bring your own snacks. My husband ordered the coffee and I ordered the iced chocolate. The coffee was pretty good since it does have that smoothness but my iced chocolate was just okay, nothing special. Price wise, I'd say it's a normal price; not cheap but definitely not expensive either. For their menu, I'd give it a 6 out 10. If only they add a simple cake (that they can outsourced) or some quick sandwiches (that they can also outsourced, you only need a microwave) I would probably give them 7.
If you want to visit, make sure you check the weather report first. I wouldn't stop you if you love coffee or if you like taking cool pics since this place definitely has all the coolness. Menu is down below.

Skema Coffee Archetype
Jalan Belitung no. 2B, Bandung
Open daily from 2PM to 11PM
Instagram : @skema_ca


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