July Favorites

Hi, guys!
We are now well past the halfway mark of the year. It is a bit crazy and sometimes overwhelming when I think about all the things I haven't accomplished. But anyway, the key is to live in the moment and just take it day by day. July have been disappointing, in terms of my life, but again, I'm just trying to focus on today. But last month did have its nice moments as proven by these favorites. Without further ado, here are a few of my favorite items in the month of July.

The only good thing about my disappointing July is the realization how my faith have grown just in the past few years. Back then I would most definitely ask God why but now I stopped asking the whys and mostly just thanking God that my trials are not bigger than my strength. And if God let me have these trials, then surely He will provide the exit and the means to finished it. If God brings you to it, He will bring you through it. Hence, this cross necklace is definitely on a heavy rotation that also act as a reminder of my faithful God.

So this bag comes as recommended on one of my shopping app and it was on sale, plus, it offers a code to get more discount. And there was also a code for free shipping. It's original price was around US$25 after all the discounts I got it for US$15. Which isn't bad for a random bag, right? I was definitely drawn to it's retro polkadots and its vintage pearl handle. It's the perfect bag for all my black and white outfit. Adds a bit of pattern to my daily uniform. It surprisingly fits just enough too!

Finally joined the Sappun bandwagon and it did not disappoint! I wanted a nude sandals that would look great with all my summer outfits and I have found it. The heels are a bit taller (6cm) than I wanted but this Sappun double strap sandal is honestly so lightweight I didn't mind. I would most definitely purchased the 3 cm version once I can make up my mind on what color to choose. They honestly have all the colors you can think of and all are so cute!

Puffy sleeves items are slowly taking space on my closet and to find out why, read my post talking about this fun trend.

So obviously one of the reason I bought this book is because of its pretty title and pretty cover but I'm glad this book turns out to be a good one.
This novel revolves around Stella, a hospice nurse with her husband, Vincent. There were also two other protagonists. Hope, a 20-something patient who's recovering from the latest attack of her Cystic Fibrosis. And Hugh, an almost middle-aged man who lives with no strings attached until a petite woman with her son moved next door.
Stella writes letters for her patients and promised to delivered said letter when her patients are gone. Each letter is basically a short story of someone's life. This book best portions are definitely those heartfelt letters. Some as silly as destroying his' sisters beloved doll, and most are tear-jerking like when a father thanking his daughter for accepting who he really is without a single hate and full support even when she was just a little kid.
While the story is nothing sort of ground breaking and yes, it's predictable, but it's still three beautifully written stories. The pace was actually good for me. Not too fast but not too slow either. I thoroughly enjoyed myself reading it throughout the month.
We Are All Made of Stars by Rowan Coleman is a beautiful, moving story about hope, love, strength, and dedication of a human spirit. 

Whew, Dark was hard to watch and even harder to stop watching since each episode ends with even more questions than answers. This German TV show revolves around a town called Winden where children mysteriously disappear near a cave inside the wood.
Jonas, the one in that yellow rain coat, leads the first few episodes but then other characters turn out to have their own important role as well. 
I'm not sure I can say more without revealing its plot but basically, if you like Stranger Things (that Season 3 was amazing! But I bet its on everyone's fave list so I thought I chose another great TV show), you will most likely like this too. I just finished Season 1 and planned to watch Season 2 before the Season 3 premiered sometime next year, hopefully.

Spiderman Far from Home was amazing. It definitely bring back all the sadness whenever a scene reminded me of Tony Stark but other than that this movie is a ten out of ten. I did not have single complaint. Ned was funny as per usual. And Peter is always charming in a clumsy kinda way. Granted the background of Europe was a highlight for me since it is one of my favorite continent. But I also love Happy and Peter interaction throughout the film. And Happy love story with Aunt May was actually cute.

And that is all for July Favorites. Wishing all of you a productive week ahead!


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