August Favorites

Hi, guys!
It’s seriously mind blowing how August just flew by like that and then fall is just around the corner. August was quite uneventful but I would say it’s a pretty good month as well. Without further ado, here are a few of my favorite things in the month of August.

First up is these two perfumes. I’m on the market for a new perfume but I couldn’t decide which one I wanted so I bought five of these teenie tiny perfume bottles. 
The Bvlgari Omnia Crystalline is hands down my favorite while the Coach New York comes close. Both have soft and sweet yet fresh scent to them. The Crystalline feels so me since it feels calm and sophisticated at the same time. The Coach New York has similar sweet scent but somehow smells more youthful. Both are on heavy rotation this month.

If you ask me how much I love these earrings, I love it so much that when I broke one of them, I immediately, like ten minutes later, purchase another pair online. It has such classic design with the white marble and the gold but still managed to look chic and current. It also brightens your face for sure.    

I was wondering where have I been; considering I love eyeliner so much, why o why I haven’t tried Kat Von D Tattoo eyeliner. It truly lives up to the hype. I wore it for almost 16 hours and it only smudges very little. Would definitely recommend!

Gave in to the hype and finally tried this Dr. Schatz regeneration moisturizing facial mask. This is one of the second most expensive mask I have ever try (the most expensive would be Shiseido eye mask’ for almost US$6 or Rp 75.000). 
I truly feel it’s definitely worth the price tho. With just one wear, your face do look instantly brighter. And it stays moisturized and looking fresh for the next two days. My make up looks better after a night of this mask. It’s as if the make up melts into my skin and really helps with fine lines under my eyes (I tapped the excess serum to my under eye for almost 20 mins). It was suggested to leave it on for 35 mins but since it was my first time, I was afraid it might break me out, so I leave it on for only 25 mins. Thankfully the mask didn’t break me out in any way. I have ordered a box of this mask and would definitely recommend too!

This bag needs no introduction. With summer almost comes to an end, I feel obligated to wear this bag as often as I can. It’s one impractical bag but the cuteness really won my heart.

Umpah Umpah by Red Velvet is one upbeat High School Musical-esque song and I freaking love it. I can’t stop singing it and I can’t stop dancing to it. Also, I am LIVING for their 70s vibe outfits on their comeback stages. Especially love all the outfits with all the berets.

Parks & Recreation needs no introduction. I’ve been wanting to watch this show since forever but due to living in Indonesia, Netflix doesn’t carry it so my husband use VPN and voila, now I watch at least three episodes every single night.
I seriously love every character which is very rare for me. Leslie Knope is a queen. Anne is America’s and Parks & Rec’ Department sweetheart. April and Ron is my spirit animal. Andy is my other goofy spirit animal. Ben is your lovable and surprisingly your most normal nerd. Chris is literally the most AWESOME. Tom and Donna are my long lost brother and sister while Jerry is basically everyone’s uncle. I just love them all.
I'm starting Season 6 and not very happy with the fact there are only 1 season left.

And that is all for August Favorites. Wishing everyone a great weekend!


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