Otillie Coffee and Kitchen Bandung Review

Delicious Affogato that we ordered one more since it's that good (26k)
Hi, guys!

Went to Otillie Coffee and Kitchen Bandung two weeks ago. Found it via online when I was googling places to have brunch in. Otillie Coffee and Kitchen is relatively new; based on their instagram, it opened this March so it has been around for six months. My husband and I went on Saturday morning around 10.30 AM and the place was empty. We were definitely the first customer that day.

Their exterior is an old vintage house and I'm all about that. Once enter, you found one spacious space that feels homey. Flipping an old house to a restaurant can be tricky since you want to retain the beautiful vintage details but you also want to feel current and most importantly; spooky free. I think their plenty windows really helps bring in all the sun in so the place feels light and not spooky.

Behind me is the smoking area, I believe, since it's semi outdoor. Personally, I love all the murals especially the cactuses murals. Those are impressive with its length and height alone. The back area provides more seatings and you can definitely bring big groups here. You can easily sits twenty people at the back. Altho, parking wasn't that great. It can fits around 8 cars but more than that you'd have to park at the side of the street. 

For some reason I really wanted a breakfast type of meal that morning so I ordered their Otillie Big Breakfast (60k). It was so good. SO GOOD. I love everything except their bacon, but I'm not much of a bacon person myself. I love like really dry crunchy bacon, not their mushy soft bacon type. 

Le husband ordered Auntie Lie' Spicy Omelette  (60k) and he said it was really good too. Doesn't it look appetizing?
Food and drinks come out fast enough. Drinks come out really fast, like not even 10 minutes. Food comes around 10 minutes after drinks. Considering the amount of different items in our plates, that was impressive. 

Overall we had a really great time and would definitely come back. Price wise, it was quite standard, I'd say. It's not too expensive in my opinion. Place is also very cozy, my friends come about half an hour later and we chatted away until 1 PM.

Otillie Coffee and Kitchen
Jl. Hasanudin No. 7, Bandung
+62 818 09836890
Open everyday from 10 AM to 10PM
IG : @otillie.bdg

Below is Otillie Coffee and Kitchen menu.


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