Tortoise Shell Accessories for Fall

Animal prints are having a moment since last year. From leopard to snake prints, the jungle seems to have completely dominated the fashion scene. And to be honest, I'm not complaining. There's something that screams fashionista when you're wearing animal prints. 
The new obsession this year is the tortoise-shell effect, coming directly from the 70s era, when the print dominated combs, hair accessories, and glasses. In those days, the material used was actually extracted from the turtle shell, but don't worry, now the trend is recreated using acetate, resin, and even glass products. No turtles were harm in any of the items I wear, I promise.
The most classic items featuring tortoise shell are definitely glasses. This print lends a retro and vintage feel; giving out a touch of elegance to any look.

However, if you want to highlight this trend, a tortoise bag is the perfect choice. Mine has a tortoise shell handle with a PVC bag, kind of a mesh of both the vintage tortoise print and the PVC of the current trend. I feel like tortoise shell accessories are perfect for fall. It has brown as its main color and looks beautiful with all your jewel tone sweaters.

And if you believe in the power of accessorizing like this girl right here, earrings are great options. It comes in a variety of shapes and it adds an interesting detail to your fall outfits. Also, it's like super affordable.

What do you think about tortoise shell accessories? Would you wear this trend?


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