The Best Attractions Just Outside Of Sydney

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When tourists visit the beautiful city of Sydney, there are often popular attractions on their to-do list such as the Sydney Harbor Bridge or the Sydney Opera House. However, as well as there being many excellent places to visit in and around the city, if you explore outside of Sydney, you will find that there are wealth of beautiful places to visit that will help to ensure you have a fantastic trip when you visit this iconic city.

The Hunter Valley

A few hours outside of Sydney is Hunter Valley, which is popular with both the locals and tourists alike and is a popular retreat from the hustle and bustle of the big city. Getting there is straightforward, and you can take a train, bus, or drive yourself, and if you want to enjoy the spectacular scenery on offer, you may wish to consider one of the many helicopter tours to Hunter Valley. When you arrive, there are many things to see and do from hot air ballooning, go for a hike along the nature trails, take a stroll along the coast at Bathers Way, or take a trip in a kayak in Wollemi National Park. There is also a lot of history on display with museums and art galleries and historic buildings and gardens. A trip to Hunter Valley should not be missed when you are paying a visit to the land down under.

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The Blue Mountains

Another fantastic destination to explore, which is just over and hour drive away from the city centre of Sydney is the Blue Mountains. You can also take a train for a day trip here, and there are also plenty of helicopter tours of these majestic mountains that will make your trip a memorable one. Take in the vista at the many beautiful viewpoints such as Echo Point, or hike through the Grand Canyon and experience the heritage-listed sandstone walls, waterfalls, and native plants. Pay a visit to Glow Worm Tunnel and experience the bioluminescent glow caused by the fungus on the walls. You can even enjoy a day spa when you visit, which means there is something for everyone in the Blue Mountains.

Lake Macquarie

Lake Macquarie is a picturesque location, nestled between Sydney and Newcastle and is a popular destination to get away from city life for a few days. As with most bodies of water, there are plenty of water based activities on offer, including boat rentals, as well as horse riding and hiking through the beautiful scenery. You can also pass your time away relaxing on the beach or enjoy some of the excellent food on offer in the local restaurants, and if you are looking to spend a few days here, there are variety of different accommodation options available to you. After you have finished eating you could enjoy a stroll along Caves Beach coastal track and go off-trail and explore some of the many caves in the area.

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When you are visiting Sydney, there is plenty to see and do in the city, but so much more outside of it that your trip may be wasted if you do not get out if the city and explore the beautiful surroundings throughout New South Wales. 


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