Teman Lama Coffee Shop Bandung

Hi, guys!
I'm back with another resto review. This one is from Teman Lama Coffee Shop Bandung located at Jalan Bima. Visited this place about a month ago and had a pleasant time; also their es kopi was ah-mazing so I feel like I'm obligated to share.

We went there on a Monday around 9AM so the place was empty except for the staff. First impression, the place is quiet cozy with a strong influence on Scandinavian vibe of white and light brown of the wood, and I actually like it. There is also a spacious outdoor area at the back with plenty of seating. I would say it holds pretty much the same amount of people for outdoor and indoor area.

While the Es Kopi trend has been riding its popular wave for a while, I have not yet to find one that I truly love (except for Djournal's but that's like two times the price of this one so...) until this one. I honestly wouldn't change a thing about this Es Kopi. Mind you, I went back the next day just to get a takeaway coffee. LOL.
I do think for the price, it's a bit on the pricier side. Rp 18k not included tax and service so it's actually about Rp 25k. I find Teman Lama Es Kopi to be sweet but still has that coffee smoothness that I'm looking for and for the price, you just can't beat it. I'd have to say, for the volume, it's most likely 70% ice and 30% of their coffee. But if you let the ice to melt a little, like say, 10 to 15 minutes, it's the most perfect combo and you get about 50% coffee by then.

We stayed there for quite a while, from 9AM until 12PM so around 11.30, I ordered Crazy Rice Asian and basically it's just rice with sausages and veggies and eggs in the mix. It's a bit on the sweet side but it's actually pretty good for the price Rp 30k, it's very filling thanks to the portion.

We also ordered Mushroom Fritters and for Rp27k, you'd better off with Crazy Rice Asian altho, it tastes really good! But it's def on the expensive side.

I would definitely recommend this place. Altho it's quite tricky to get here but nothing can't be solved with a little GPS. I would advise to not bring a large group here. Ten to twelve people can fit comfortably but more than that it might be difficult to find a table. Also, the staff were great! All very friendly. Parking is not bad. You can fit about five to six cars. Below is their address and complete menu.

Teman Lama
Jalan Bima no. 80, Arjuna, Kec. Cicero, Kota Bandung.
Jawa Barat 40172
Open everyday from 9AM to 10PM


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