Padded Headband Trend

Hi, guys!
Hair accessories are at all time high this year. From your pearl hair barrettes to the padded headband trend, it's not so daunting to have a bad hair day this year since we have so many options. This version of padded headband was first noted at Miuccia Prada who incorporated them into Prada Spring 2019 runway show.
A padded headband basically looks like your regular headband but, as you guessed it, there's some padding involves. That padding gives them a few extra inches of volume and a more luxe feel. Your padded headband can comes in any color and any fabric. From satin, velvet, to braided, the options are endless.

What I love about this new redefined version of your regular headband is that it looked less like a kid's accessories; more regal and polished. I feel like a headband is a low-effort way to look like you're really trying. It keeps your hair back and hides second day greasy hair better than a dry-shampoo. And not only it's so easy to put on, the padded headband instantly makes you look put-together.

I can definitely understand why Kate Middleton sported this headband way ahead of everyone. Basically, it's the closest thing a common people can wear outside the house that resembled a tiara; especially if you get your padded headband in a bejeweled version.
You can match your headband to your outfit, or choose a few shades down or up from your outfit. Or, you can also go to a completely different direction and use your headband as an accent color. A white and black outfit would look so good with a red padded headband. 

I actually love the braided version just a little bit more than the bejeweled one since it gives such a Renaissance and romantic feel to your outfit. And it's not as high as the green one so I don't feel like I stand out too much.

For an even more subtle option, this low padded headband that I got from H&M is also a great option. I chose a lot of Christmas color since well, it's only three months away! And I'm sure I will get a lot of wear of my braided headband. 

I have to admit, most of the padded headband looks better with a more dressy outfit instead of the casual one. But I did spotted a blogger sported a small padded headband in yellow with a t-shirt and jeans and sneakers and what do you know? It looked super cute!

What do you think about padded headband trend? Is it something you would wear?

I got the bejeweled and the braided one from Shopee. Here is the link to them.


  1. You are so pretty with this padded headband!


  2. Ifind it a little difficult pairing them. As simple as they look I can't just get my style to fit into wearing them. You look really nice.


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