I might have been a little bit spoiled on self-gifting myself this year. I usually stick to one expensive item that I really want but I feel like the end of the world is getting near (seriously, I am a religious girl, and all evidences point that Jesus's second coming is so near!) so I decided to splurge. 

Evidently, I develop a fondness toward regal blue or sapphire. I have been eyeing this two tone bag for a while and I decided this item to be that one expensive item I want. Two tone bags are hot this fall season. I quickly fell in love with the richness of this blue hue, so I decided to go bold and ditch the safe cream color or the black color and go with this sapphire/black Selma Large tote from Michael Kors (I can't find it on Michael Kors website, so the link leads to Nordstorm. I bought the bag at the flagship store in Plaza Senayan, Jakarta). I don't usually buy a bag that costs more than US$100 dollars but I consider this as an investment piece. I can see myself wearing this bag in the next five years. And I am so grateful with the fact that it turns out this bag incorporates well with the items I already own in my wardrobe. 

This is my second splurge. I have always been a fan of Marc Jacobs and his fun take on fashion. Hence, I feel like I need to have at least one piece from this designer. Since I always on the go and hate being late, the choice was a watch, obviously. I love the perfect tan color and the humble shine on the plate. The fun part is the fact that this Amy Strap 36MM has interchangeable strap (bought this at Urban Icon, PVJ) . Considering to get the strap in black.. Again, I can see myself wearing it for the next five years. It's important to make sure you will wear this or that item in the future when you splurge!

Now this shoes aren't exactly a splurge.. Although it can be because I rarely buy shoes that cost me more than US$50. I have not been familiar with Staccato (I can't find a direct link to the online store, so the link directs you to the Facebook page) until mid last year when I visited Hong Kong.  Now, I kinda like it! The brand provides beautiful, quirky, on trend shoes with the price ranges similar to Aldo and Nine West. This one was on sale and since it has the similar color with my new Selma, I just have to buy it. Plus, those dangerous spikes on the back of the shoes are super fun! Now I can't see myself wearing it in the next five years, but I just might. I can be those super cool moms! Who knows?

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