If The Hat Fits

When you're reading this, I'll be in the airport waiting for boarding time. I'm off to Australia (Sydney for most time and Melbourne for 4 days) for a little over a week and will be back online around 24th or 25th January. Excited! Do wish us (there are 15 of us!) a safe flight :)

These are pictures out of boredom while waiting for my mom getting her hair done..
Completely in love with this playground blouse by Blancteria. The oversized collar, the tied ribbon at the neck... I guess should I say it's so me? ;p 
Not to mention the flowy silky fabric!

cardigan - BTC, blouse - Blancteria, skirt - Zara, shoes - H&M

I seriously can't remember what I packed. I'm an over packer and I do hope my suitcase won't be overweight.. Fingers crossed!
I prepared 2 more scheduled post. The first is on Sunday, 15th Jan and the second will be up on Monday, 23rd (Chinese New Year special). Do come back and check it out ;)

Enjoy the rest of the week, dolls <3

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