Vacation Diary : Melbourne

Although Sydney was my first love, Melbourne is starting to grow on me. 
I don't know. It's cozier somehow. More cafes and old buildings that I truly love about Melbourne.
Not too much pictures I hope. I stayed at my friend's apartment and the roommates (and the boyfriends too, a few times) joined us for the culinary trip which makes it so much more fun! Hence, more pictures I took! 
As fun as hanging out with my cousins and aunties and uncles.. Friends make life so much more sweet :)


I went to a class at my friend's uni.. And steal some wi-fi at their library to purchased my ticket to HongKong this June! :)


I came home with new friends, new memories, and definitely some extra pounds!
I miss my friends already (Cindyyyy, Rissaaaa, Nitaaaa, Niiiiick, Edwiiinnn, Todiiii) and wishing I will meet them again in the near future :)

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