Balenciaga Metallic Edge Small City Bag Review


Hi, guys!
It took me three days to edit this video. Not to mention another two days to shoot it. But I'm actually quite happy with the video. The whole trouble (including stares from strangers) was totally worth it. Despite only editing two hours/day, I think this video is not too shabby! Pardon the self-confidence, I read too many chapters of self-help book today. 
But anyway, I purchased this bag early December last year as a late birthday present / an early Christmas present from me to me. I wore it all through December (I switch to my other bag for only three days and then back to this) because I want to make sure I've worn it enough times to have the right information. 

Do let me know if you think there's anything I could improve in my editing. I know my timing with the beat of the songs could be better.. But I just don't have the time (nor the patience) to make sure each beat matches the video. I will put more attention to that, I promise.
I do hope you like the video and find it useful if you're looking to pick up this little guy. And I would greatly appreciate it if you click the thumbs up button and subscribe if you haven't already.

Wishing everyone a great midweek!


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