My Hang Out Places in Bandung

What I wore to meet up with lovely ever so lively Anita from the other day at Maxi's.
I know, I know, me! In jeans! In color! I was surprised with myself as well.. But I really think it's time to step out of my comfrort zone. The black chiffon studded collar is from Jess, denim jacket is from Scotish,  jeans was Mom's, and the black flats was bought in Haji Lane, Singapore.

pic source : Anita instagram account (follow her at putrianita)

Pic source from Jo

Also had a chance to meet Jo from
I was their tour guide for a day! (And was paid by a whole day meal. Yayness!)
The flowery dress was bought in a cute little boutiqe at Chapel Street, Melbourne. The pink blazer is from Forever21. We visited HummingBird, some shopping, and then Verde, and the last one was Sierra to see the city lights <3 p="p">

If you ever visited Bandung, you should go to this places! I personally like the food and the prices are friendly to our pocket. The places are also cozy, wi-fi equipped, and very condusive for taking pictures. You can click on the name of the places for more info.

Anyway, the four days weekend was a pure bliss and I had tons of fun with my friends and my family. So my soul is fully charged but my body is tired beyond my comprehension.
Wishing everyone a good night sleep!

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