Vacation Diary : Bali Day Four

First stop of Day Four was Discovery Mall which connected to the beach. It was so cloudy and the current was strong we decided to take off and try another beach.

We found the sun in St. Regis Resort' beach. The beach is clean and inviting sunbathing seats everywhere but you have to pay 50 thousand rupiah for two seats. Don't you dare pay more than that! Those people just leeching your money, really. I don't get why we should pay but we paid nonetheless cause we just wanted to have fun instead of having arguments.. Definitely a beautiful place to play with sun, sand, and water!

We had lunch at Ulam which was said to be the best seafood resto in Nusa Dua but doesn't lived up to expectation. Not recommended..

We then head to Conrad Resort and Spa to see the most famous wedding spot, Infinity Chapel. The chapel is indeed beautiful overlooking to the cliff and sea. I visited the chapel once before and it's prettier at night, but you can't see the view.. Ah the dillema..

Next stop was Alila Uluwatu. We visited the one in Ubud which was relatively easy to find but not this one! I was definitely feeling the explorer vibe while trying to find this place. However, we were in luck since the search was worth the treasure. The place was a pure bliss and we actually took a nap there  on the cozy sofas since there were only us there (a few tourists on the resto area). Pricey food and  drinks (my kiwi juice, which was not that tasty, costs 55 thousand rupiah before tax) but we were really just buying the atmosphere which was so so soothing with the waves sound in the background.. Planning to do a review but I guess I just said everything.. LOL. But so much pics from this place so I guess a review I shall do..

We then had dinner at Menega Cafe. A seafood restaurent where you actually eat right next to the beach. That afternoon was cloudy and a storm came about fifteen minutes after I took these pictures. Scary and very effective to lose your appetite!

After a traumatic experience with the storm at Menega, we went back to the hotel but by nine o'clock, we all suddenly hungry again (thanks to the scary windy rain we didn't eat that much) and ended up at Flapjaks. I guess you can say Flapjaks is the IHOP of Bali. The pancakes are so good!! Even the savory one.. Must try.

 Climax ride.. Only for the ones who can handle thrills!

Day Five we all went to Waterbom Bali before catching our 7 PM flight. Tickets are US$ 31 for foreigners but only 200 thousand rupiah for Indonesians. A great ending for this vacation. Don't forget to visit Pasar Sukowati where you can get pretty summer dresses and cute accesories for a fraction of price. You also must buy Pia Legong and Pie Susu for your love ones at home. Both are sweet treats and very Bali. You can't get it anywhere else.

I hope you find my diary useful.. I personally did it so I can re-read it next time and know which place to revisit and which place not to revisit. And also to jog some memories in case people ask my opinion about this place or that place.

I'll see you on the next post.
Still in Bali, but this time, outfit post :)


  1. ah bali:) udah lama pengen kesana tapi belum kesampaian...maybe one day <3
    love your post :)

    This is real and This is me

  2. nice post... the food look so delicious.... :) want to follow each other?

  3. amazing hat and blouse!! great hat and color on your shorts!! love the pictures!!

  4. amazing hat and blouse!! great hat and color on your shorts!! love the pictures!!

  5. Lovely , amazing , yummy and awesome photos. Hahaha do I sound overwhelmed? :D
    This photo of drink with lemon is the best!

    Aree With Umbrella

  6. I really like these photo diaries! I'm so jealous of all the things you got to do and all the food you ate lol

  7. Gosh, it's been a while for me to visit bali. Seems lots of new places to go there..:D

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  8. I am so jealous of you right now haha. I am so in need of a vacation in my hectic life. Your pictures are lovely! Visit me sometime

  9. seems you have a great trip.
    everytime i see your glasses ,i just wanna stole it. they're way too cute



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