Vacation Outfit : Summer Floral & Karma Kandara Review

Thank you for the crazy couple, Rheza and Irene for taking this pictures. I love them to pieces!
So for the beach, I always think of anything floral and summer floral is the best kind of all. Bright and bold colors are the key. And to let the skirt shine, I brought three white tops, which will allow the skirt to be the center of attention. Denim tops also works surprisingly well! Here's an example..

white lace blouse - Stradivarius, denim top - thrifted, floral skirt - Bershka, sunnies - Zara,
 sandals - Marie Claire, bag - Carlo Rino

Now to the place where the pics above were taken..
The place is called Karma Kandara which is luxury private villas. But even if you don't rent any villa, you can still enjoy the breath-taking gorgeous beach. The beach is down below and to get down, you can either use stairs or the lift. The lift costs 250 thousand rupiah/person which is too pricey for us so we chose the stairs which are quite safe until a few steps to the beach.. Then it gets tricky and even life-threatening (but that's just me since I have an innate fear of the sea thanks to Jaws). But if you travel with boys all around you, it's perfectly safe. LOL. Thank you, boys!

The beach is absolutely clean and beautiful. You just can not go "ooohh" or in my case "wooow" when you finally reach the beach. And there is not many people around (I think it's because of the pricey lift!). There is a bar near the beach called Nammos Kandara. The place is very beachy with woods and bamboos all over. Quite cozy with the fluffy cushion on the chairs.The drinks start at 50 thousand rupiah. One of the boys talked to the manager and we got a deal to use the elevator for 50 thousand rupiah/person which we can use to buy drinks. And the drinks are tasty in my opinion. (Price starts at 50 thousand rupiah is quite standard for the bars in Bali)You might want to propose similar things since going up with stairs are tiring and time consuming! And we had a whole day ahead of us that day..

Karma Kandara also has di Mare restaurant which takes a fine-dining theme and Temple Lounge and BarKarma Kandara is a must visit especially if you love beaches. The waves were also really tame.. You can actually get in to the water and swim without fearing for your life. If you want to use the lift, bring at least 300 thousand rupiah. If not, I think 100 thousand is enough if you just want to enjoy the beach and a glass of your favorite cocktail to accompany you. Not recommended to eat since the food looks too pricey for us. If I'm not mistaken, fish and chips costs 100 thousand rupiah.. Before tax..

Until next post. Wishing everyone a lovely day :)

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  1. Oh wow wow! So pretty -the beach and you..:D hehe..I never go there, so i will go there if i go to Bali. Thanks for the info. Can you tell me more about the location? :E

    Lovely outfit btw!

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  2. This place looks like heaven, sweet escape indeed

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  3. Bali is always the best place to visit!
    great pictures babe!

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  4. such gorgeous photos! love your blog
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  5. Beautiful pictures, and your outfit is so pretty and perfect for vacation.

  6. Your floral skirt is super cute!!


  7. Your pictures of the beach are so nice! I hope you had a great time. You look really pretty!


  8. makanannya mahal banget! but yeah, since you are going to beach, better just grab a drink for accompany you haha I love your skirt, lovely! <3
    I'm glad you had a great time on your vacation dear. Be blessed :D


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  10. I love your blog so much, pretty beach x_x
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  11. hy.. thanks for your lovely comment...
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  12. wow lovely photos!
    you look so cute

  13. LOVE your blog and the post! Great outfit!

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  14. Las fotos son preciosas, la faldita es ideal!!!

  15. looks sooo lovely! Wish I was at the beach right now too. Love those mirrored sunnies!

  16. Your glasses! to die for. happy holiday btw <3

  17. very incredible holiday =)
    you look so much fun, dear !!
    nice photos and blog..

  18. Wow gorgeous spot! Love your style. Following you back now! x, Kat

    Love and Ace

  19. Extremely jealous of your vacation AND your killer sunglases! Must got o Zara immediately and acquire a pair for me! PS- Your header image is so cute.


  20. what cute pics! love the reflection in your sunnies!


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  22. I love the photos they are so nice making me wish that I could see some sunshine as its constant snow where I am at the moment. I love your blog! maybe check mine out and if you like it we could follow each other?


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