Vacation Diary : Bali Day Three

Day Three was a Sunday and I went to GBI Rock for their 1st service at 7 am. I personally love the atmosphere. Still, my church is the best for me tho. 
First stop after GBI Rock was Bebek Tepi Sawah. It's highly recommended by everyone who ever visited this place. This is actually my second visit and I will definitely visit again on my next trip to Bali. The place is homey with overlooking to rice fields which is very soothing. Plus, the air is not as humid as Kuta. Price is very worth the food!

Next stop was Alila Ubud where there is Plantation Restaurant and we all enjoyed a refreshing Apple Cider. The restaurant is serene and overlooking the mountains which was a welcomed change from the beach-view for the past two days. Food and drinks are definitely pricey. A good place to kill time, reflect, and restore the soul.

We then took a walk along Ubud Village. Some bought scented candles and jars of jam. Some went to the Anomali coffee house. The cappuccinno tastes really good and thick. There's nothing special about the decor tho although it was very cozy. Overall a good place to relax the feet.

Last stop was Nuri's for their most famous pork ribs (yes, pork again, my group seems to be obsessed with this kind of meat). The place was definitely not cozy or condusive, but not that bad, plus the food was good.

Day Four and Five is right after this..

Anyway, wishing everyone a great Monday! Spirit!


  1. Ci, jangan lupa ke dreamland beach sama sukawati market yaaa :D


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