Rock Bar Bali Review

Rock Bar is located in Ayana Resort. It's a bar built on a cliff overlooking to the sea. Beautiful views and although pricey, a nice place to see the sunset!

Taking pictures while waiting for the line to use the lift to get down to the bar. No price charges for the lift this time! But there's a dresscode. No sandals (swallow sandals, that is), surfer shorts, or those Bir Bintang sleeveless tee. Dress up a little if you want to visit Rock Bar..

For tables, there's no minimal charge but each person must order one drink. And one table is only for four person. Drinks starts at 75 thousand rupiah before tax. Bring at least 100 thousand rupiah.

For the sofas, there is a minimum order of 650 thousand rupiah with a maximum of three person per sofa. I don't think it's not that hard to reach 650 thousand rupiah if your want to eat as well. Especially if it's for three person.

Overall, I don't think Rock Bar is a must visit as there are many bars in Bali but it's definitely worth a visit when you need to choose from so many bars out there. The fact that it's built on the cliff is quite a statement itself. I don't remember the food price, but bring at least 300 thousand rupiah if you want to eat and drink here. 

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