Old School Romance

So sorry for the 5 days hiatus. I have been preparing for my trip to Bali. Yeay!
I tried so hard to get excited and I realized I should just let it be. I have never been a fan of Bali although so many people love it. Why should I force myself to be excited about it? I only go there to escape for a little bit. Life has been really weird, and my mood swings are getting worse and random, and my insomnia is back, leaving me staring at my ceilings for too long with thoughts that are too solemn. Hence, the impromptu getaway!

This outfit is inspired by Yannick Bovy' Theoritical Love song. I am absolutely in love with his voice  (and handsome face) that is very Michael Buble-ish but in a hotter sexier Belgian way. The melody has such an old feel to it but still very romantic!

Wishing everyone a lovely day and don't forget to join my giveaway! Only eight days left.

flower crown - LuceDale, vintage top - Scotish, brown rose belt - Laku.com, 
midi skirt - Auburn and Ginger, pink heels - Rotelli

PS. Not sure to bring my DSLR camera or not. Thoughts?

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