Vacation Diary : Bali The Local Beauty (Day One)

I'm back! Sorry for the lack of post. My scheduled post turned out really weird and it remained scheduled until now. I'm not sure what happened, I guess just some usual glitch. What important is, I have plenty of pics to share with you!

Bali was a pure bliss and I learn to love beaches more and surprisingly, didn't miss malls at all. 
Hopefully you enjoy the pictures. I will also do review of places that I think a must visit for you :)
Outfit pics of what I wore in Bali will also come between the reviews.

We stayed at Grand Mega Resort and Spa located in Kuta. Which is quite a strategic place. The room is cozy although it was quite small. But most importantly, the rooms are clean. The staffs are all super helpful and friendly. The breakfast menus are also yummy! The pool is not that big, but there is a pool bar which is quite neat.

First stop was Karma Kandara which is a place with villas and a private beach. You can still go to the beach bar called Nammos if you're not renting a villa. This beach is GORGEOUS. Will definitely do a review of this place.

Second stop was El Kabron for lunch. It's a Spanish food restaurant and a cliff club. The outdoor was damaged due to the storm the day before, but we were able to order as usual indoors. Not sure to do a review or not. I have a mixed feeling about this resto. The food was okay but definitely not worth the price. The place is actually nice with yet another breath-taking cliff view and the decoration is very beachy.

Third stop was Potato Head to catch a sunset. It was a failed mission as the weather suddenly turned grim. The wind blew really strong and we were too scared of tsunami so we took off before the sun really set (it was so cloudy I couldn't see the sun, but about a half hour later, the sun was back on). Didn't take much pics so I won't do a review about this place. This place has a really nice ambience and you can sit exactly next to the beach. But the beach was dirty, although I'm quite sure it was because of the storm the day before we went there. Drinks are quite standards but definitely pricey. To be fair, they are known for their cocktails and none of us drink alcohol.. Didn't order food since we wanted to taste what was said to be the best pork ribs in town!

Wahaha definitely lived up to expectation. All my friends approve! The portion is quite big and you can share it with your friend. Place is not too cozy but the food is enough for the reason to visit. Price is very worth the taste.

And that was day one! Will come back tomorrow with day two.
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Hopefully everyone will have a good night sleep..


  1. great pictures!!
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  2. wow its so fun!

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  3. Awesome and beautfiul pictures. Seems you had amazing time :)

    Aree With Umbrella

  4. asiknyoo enaknyooo pengennyo hehe :) :)

  5. great time and fun pictures!

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  6. oeh.. wauw. What an amazing pictures. I would like to be on that beach righhhtt now! xx

  7. Can't wait to see more photos! Gosh, it is gorgeous there! I just came back from the Philippines and I'm missing the tropical weather...sigh

    Trendy Teal

  8. oh myyY!! I love beaches too , cici! I want to go there! Karma kandala , geez. beautiful place! so lucky you got there :D

  9. potato head is just so crowded as usual hahaha. nice review stev! i'm sure you had a blast in bali :)

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  11. woops! posted a comment and something weird happened and it disappeared :(
    Was just mentioning that i can't wait to go to bali after reading ur post!
    was just wondering if you guys chartered a taxi/chauffeur or rented a car and went around on ur own?


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