Color Blocking Vintage Way

~First post in 2013~

These pics were actually taken back in early November 2012. So grateful for a forgetful me so I have something to post cause the first three days of 2013 has been quite a busy one. Big family to visit to (3 hours away from my city!), works that has been piling up since Christmas (all the numbers made me dizzy. My poor poor brain), and new coming up project that needs more attention than ever. But I wouldn't have it any other way.

The Sweetest Escape would like to officially thank you new and loyal readers for reading this little corner of my creativity outlet for the past two and a half year (almost three this March!). Whether you have been with me since I was a nerdy uni student or recently discovered my blog, now, a modern day grandma who loves vintage too much to care less about the nickname, thank you, thank you, thank you!

To show my gratitude, I am holding a giveaway soon!
Come back tomorrow to see the details and join.

Hopefully everyone is having a good day!

Top - Liquer, sweater guard - Wear Carols, Skirt - thrifted, hat - Fiore, 
woven bag - Tick Tock Vintage, wedges - BTC

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