30 For 30 : Items Picked

About a year ago I decided to joined Kendi 30x30 Remix. Basically, you just take 30 items and make 30 outfits. There are no rules. There is no reward if you finish it. Or a punishment if you don't. It's simply just to be grateful and realized how many outfits you can make with restricted choices. So stop saying "I have nothing to wear!"

I remembered it was SO hard to take outfit pictures everyday. However, a challenge is a challenge. Last year, I picked items in neutral pallets with lots of brown and green. This year, in honor of Spring, I decided to give more colors! 
It's day 2 and outfit post is coming up soon! :)

1) Vintage white blouse - Bonvieux
2) Floral tank - CottonOn
3) Vintage blouse - Down Memory Lanes
4) Collared Tip Shirt - Premium Shop (email me to join this BBM shop!!)
5) Pastel shirt with contrasting collar - The Editor's Market 
6) Love patterned shirt - ASOS
7) Lace shirt - gifted from Winny from Style Is About Us
8) Round collar vintage shirt - D'fash
9) Oversized black top - Scotish
10) Sweater - from Korea! Get one from this FB store

11) Black blazer - Gitchy
12) Black cardigan - CottonOn
13) Boyfriend cardigan - N61
14) Floral printed blazer - Nikicio femme
15) Soft pink blazer - Mango
16) Mustard blazer - JessJess

17) Pink skorts - ShaSha
18) Lace Shorts - Sisterz Boutique
19) Black highwaisted shorts - Bugis Market, Singapore
20) Mullet skirt - ShaSha
21) Dark denim jeans - Gaudi
22) Purple jeans - BTC
23) Black skirt - vintage from DownMemoryLanes
24) Red skirt - vintage from Mom
25) Highwaisted denim skirt - Topshop

26) Elephant printed pink dress - Gaudi
27) Lace dress - JessJess
28) Purple dress - Dorothy Perkins
29) Floral dress - vintage from Chapel St., Melbourne!
30) Horse printed dress - Forever21

Oh, I also decided not to shop until I finished the challenge. My shopping expense has been blowing up more than I can handle. So here's a month of redemption!

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