30 For 30 : Items Picked

About a year ago I decided to joined Kendi 30x30 Remix. Basically, you just take 30 items and make 30 outfits. There are no rules. There is no reward if you finish it. Or a punishment if you don't. It's simply just to be grateful and realized how many outfits you can make with restricted choices. So stop saying "I have nothing to wear!"

I remembered it was SO hard to take outfit pictures everyday. However, a challenge is a challenge. Last year, I picked items in neutral pallets with lots of brown and green. This year, in honor of Spring, I decided to give more colors! 
It's day 2 and outfit post is coming up soon! :)

1) Vintage white blouse - Bonvieux
2) Floral tank - CottonOn
3) Vintage blouse - Down Memory Lanes
4) Collared Tip Shirt - Premium Shop (email me to join this BBM shop!!)
5) Pastel shirt with contrasting collar - The Editor's Market 
6) Love patterned shirt - ASOS
7) Lace shirt - gifted from Winny from Style Is About Us
8) Round collar vintage shirt - D'fash
9) Oversized black top - Scotish
10) Sweater - from Korea! Get one from this FB store

11) Black blazer - Gitchy
12) Black cardigan - CottonOn
13) Boyfriend cardigan - N61
14) Floral printed blazer - Nikicio femme
15) Soft pink blazer - Mango
16) Mustard blazer - JessJess

17) Pink skorts - ShaSha
18) Lace Shorts - Sisterz Boutique
19) Black highwaisted shorts - Bugis Market, Singapore
20) Mullet skirt - ShaSha
21) Dark denim jeans - Gaudi
22) Purple jeans - BTC
23) Black skirt - vintage from DownMemoryLanes
24) Red skirt - vintage from Mom
25) Highwaisted denim skirt - Topshop

26) Elephant printed pink dress - Gaudi
27) Lace dress - JessJess
28) Purple dress - Dorothy Perkins
29) Floral dress - vintage from Chapel St., Melbourne!
30) Horse printed dress - Forever21

Oh, I also decided not to shop until I finished the challenge. My shopping expense has been blowing up more than I can handle. So here's a month of redemption!


  1. I love this idea, it really allow us to be more creative doing our outfit. Btw, I love the boyfriend cardigan but always confuse on how to wear it. Can't wait to see how you mix it! :D

    Come and hail to my cruise, yo mates!

  2. Kendi's 30 for 30 is very famous! She's awesome and I love all of her wardrobe. This is my second time to look up your challenge, good luck, Stevia! Talk about your outfits, they look so comfy. Stay awesome!


  3. Ahhh wow this must have taken a lot of time to put together. I absolutely love #6! I searched for it on the ASOS website though but was dissapointed to not find it :(
    Thanks for posting <3



  4. So exciting! Best of luck. These are great pieces.


  5. You look so pretty and so delicate in the first outfit !



    Elegantesque Blog

  6. Wow, what an amazing 30 you have! The dresses are just adorable. It looks like you'll have no problem getting 30 looks from these 30 pieces. Have fun with the challenge!



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