Forever Sale

Look 9 from 30

I wore no. 4 + 16 +19 , geeky glasses - Dangerfield, belt - HongKong, creepers - Glintz

A very kind Vidya emailed me a few days ago about . is an innovative deal aggregator and online shopping portal websites that operates under Global Leads Group, an internal technology company that operates digital media, content, and communications business in the world. Well, that's what the About page says. Haha

I visited their page a few times and I found myself spent hours clicking through various online stores! It's addicting and I found so many new web stores (bookmarked all of them!). The best thing about , this website actually had ALL the information about the particular web store. What kind of items it sells, contact info, payment and delivery method, return policy, and even, YOU can write your opinion and review about the particular web store. Which in my opinion, pretty cool indeed. I found customer comments are crucial since it reflects the store service quality.

Also, as the title says, it keeps us updated about what sales going on around our city! It's like.. Forever sale! I always always love a good deal. Nothing beats finding that last pair of shoes on your size with half-price.. also has a blog on which you can find tips and tricks on fashion. Mix and match articles of pretty much everything. Steal your favorite star style. What is in and what is out. Really, it's the perfect addition to the whole web :)

So if you do have a free time, click and find the best deal of your life. 


  1. Love the look! So colorful and fun =) I received an e-mail as well from her, hahaha! X

  2. cute as always ♥
    i love your shoes

  3. omg this outfit is SO CUTE. i love love LOVE the colours :)

  4. LOVE the colorfulness of this outfit! So warm and bright. That blazer goes perfectly with the red blouse <3

    Trendy Teal

  5. Your outfit is so cute!! : D
    Nice blog!
    La Chica del Sábado

  6. i looooove your blazer Stevie ;)

  7. great post dear <3 like it. your glasses also

  8. Sounds great! Thanks for the tip m'dear! Love this look on you! The glasses, the yellow blazer and those shorts are just a perfect combo!

  9. oaahh! I love the color combination and the overall look!
    simply awesome!!

  10. such a cute outfit, the colours really suit you!


    helen @

  11. That blazer and collar on that blouse is AMAZING!


  12. I love this look! the color combo is just perfect. You look great!

  13. what a perfect look. love it! <3

    only today on my blog:
    win a bag!

    FASHION-MEETS-ART by Maren Anita

  14. will check them out. love your blazer and creepers.

  15. LOVING the collar tips and that yellow blazer!

  16. love the color combination!


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