I am 4 looks short on my 30 from 30 Challenge and I sort of just lazying around. But I am planning to take outfit pictures this afternoon so I can finish it on time. No rush tho.. Life has been slowing down too. And I couldn't be anymore peaceful. I got 8 hours of sleep for 5 straight days. That's gotta be a record. So.. It's a perfectly turtle-pace for now. Hopefully your weekend was slow and lovely too.

Look 26 from 30

I wore no. 9 + 11 + 24 , polkadot headband - Korea, collar necklace - Premium Shop, pearl bracelet - H&M, white wedges - Heatwave

I guess I'm too in sync with my dog. We both sick. Mine is minor (cough and flu) and his is a little bit major.. I feel really bad for him. He couldn't stop shivering and he just won't eat! The vet came yesterday and gave my dog a shot and he ate a little after that but today he won't eat again. I'm officially worried. Do pray for us.. Your positive vibes will be appreciated.

Sunday Music :
Crash Your Party by Karmin (LOVE the retro-vibe in the music video!)

Sittin' on the top of the world you got the best view
Livin' life with a cheat sheet, nobody test you, huh?
Your mind is a mess, heart is a chess piece
Movin' down the board now I'm takin' down the king of the castle
While I'm on top of this beat I dazzle
How could you ever conceive I'd razzle up — 'nuff of that beef
Now I'm gonna tweak out — Now you better peace out
Cause I gotta full house, yeah baby
Four of a kind, there's no room in my life for an ego your size

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