The Bow Tie

I don't really own any bow tie so I improvised. Both bow ties are actually hair pins. I just pinned them through the button hole on the collar. I know, I'm super smart like that!

This week has been quite peculiar so far.  Ambiguous in all sort of ways. I feel tired all the time. Restless. Timid. I can't seem to feel excited about anything. It seems life truly is just a river. Flows whatever the river-bed takes me. I guess it's just life getting the best of me. And maybe, being sleep deprived took major role too. I do look forward for Sunday. My sister is treating her friends (and me!) for lunch. I guess all I need is girlfriend time and a really good laugh with my closest ones.

Hopefully all of you are having a better week than me :)

Look 10 from 30

I wore no 5 + 19 , bow clip - from Winny! , lace stocking - H&M, loafers - bought it when I was on a holiday in Melbourne

Just realized I over-abused my black shorts. Haha. I need to get more creative.

Look 11 from 30

I wore no 8 + 17, pink bow tie and bow ring- PVJ, pearl bracelet - H&M, wedges - Charles&Keith, woven bag - TickTockVintage

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